Neatest Game I Discovered This Year: Index Card RPG

Ah yes. It’s that time of year for that naval gazing and best of the year type thing. Well, I’m no different because there’s a lot of cool stuff that came across by path. So the neatest game that’s already been out a while that I just started looking at closely is ICRPG.

My history with ICRPG is odd. I had heard about grabbed up the Quick Start and just didn’t get around to looking closely at it. Then I back the Vigilante City Kickstarter and got the ICRPG version of it and still didn’t look closely at it. So far it’s all been due to my own laziness and then I stumbled upon The Dungeon Craft Youtube channel and binge watched. Which in turn lead me to the Runehammer Youtube channel. And then well I was hooked and ordered up a copy of the Master Edition. BTW, the Master Edition is the latest and most complete version currently.

If I piece together history correctly, ICRPG started off as house rules for a 5E game and then evolved into it’s own thing. So it’s basically D&D. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and easily hackable. These are things that I love. Sure I lean into that old-school vibe and love those games. But ICRPG let’s me take those cool bits from whatever game I want and work them into a more efficient way. I know one of my grognard brethren will note that is started off as a 5E hack. True but the final product has a lot more in common with old school than 5E. No skills. Rulings not rules. And general attitude of that’s it OK for the GM to tinker with the rules.

I think it’s put best right there at the beginning of the book, “ICRPG is a way of thinking.” So if you’re an old hand take a moment and put aside much of what you’ve learned and read the book and understand where it’s going and what it’s doing then go back to your favorites and start tinkering to your heart’s desire. It’s a solid framework to build on or just draw inspiration and add on to whatever rules you happen to be your favorite.

Go ahead and check out the free Quickstart on DrivethruRPG.

Honorable Mention goes to Warlock! by Fire Ruby Designs. Ever want an easier way to play Warhammer Fantasy Role Play. Well, here you go. It even inspired me to do a Grievous Injury house rule for current campaign and that rule is going to be added to the next one.

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2 thoughts on “Neatest Game I Discovered This Year: Index Card RPG”

    1. It’s worth checking out the Quick Start and the early design videos on Youtube. A game that fully wants you to hack it or mix it in with other rules is cool IMHO.


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