White Box Wednesday: Clerics

Time to wrap this year’s installments of White Box Wednesday. Don’t worry more will be coming next year. So to wrap things up, let’s talk about Clerics.

There’s an old post that I did about Clerics and like any adult a few of my views have changed over the years but I want to go over a few of the highlights here. In modern games, the Cleric is basically the heal-bot. I blame video games. But in those old-school games that was just a fringe benefit. The Cleric’s main job was to turn those level draining undead. That’s right. You shoved the Cleric out front and hoped for the best.

The Cleric is a pretty good class. Good armor, OK weapons and the second only the Fighter when it comes to Hit Points and Attack Bonus. But their magic has always kind of bugged me. I always just envisioned it differently. I always thought of some faith healer screaming at the top of his lungs, “Be healed!” A Cleric would pray for their spells as they needed them.

Sure that sounds cool and I tried it. It slowed down the game so much that it wasn’t worth it. Heck, even changing them up every day would slow things down. So what did I finally do?

Clerics could only change their spells when they leveled up. The progression chart in the book shows how many spells of which level that they had access to. No more praying for two Cure Wounds spells. So how many spells does a Cleric get to cast each day? This is fun part. They don’t know. At any time, the fickle gods can say, “Nope, that’s all for you for today.”

So how do I do this? Pretty simple. The Spell’s Level is the chance on a d6 that the gods say, “Nope”. So First Level; 1 in 6. Second; 2 in 6. And so on. And remember, I’m talking about White Box core on this one and Cleric spells top out at 5th Level.

And there you go another hack on the good old cleric. Thanks for stopping by.

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2 thoughts on “White Box Wednesday: Clerics”

  1. Your system is very close to what Dragon Warriors uses for its cleric-analogue, except DW takes the character level into account (roll 1d20 under 13+character level-spell level, 20 always fails).

    It would require some adjustment as spell levels don’t work exactly the same in both games, but I like the core idea.


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