2023 Predictions

And of course, I have to do some predictions for this year. Like most folks, I’m expecting One D&D and WOTC to dominate what happens.

Photo by Emily MacDonald on Pexels.com

I really don’t think there’s going to be any big shake up’s in the old school scene. Sure there will be the continued drama of the day. But any major shake ups will be centered around a specific publisher or designer and not based on any trend. There might be some renewed interest if WOTC keeps pissing off their fan base.

But WOTC. Oh they are going to shake stuff up. And I doubt any of it will be for the good. This is all opinion and speculation. I don’t have any insider knowledge just life experience dealing with executive type. And I’ll admit some of this might not happen until 2024.

Bye Bye: DM’s Guild and old TSR stuff. First, the license for One Bookshelf isn’t eternal. Second, WOTC has taken down old PDF’s before back in about 2007. And third from the corporate mindset that’s competing against yourself. If you want folks to go to One D&D then cut out other options even if they are your options. They’ll view that there’s monetization but trying to force those folks onto One D&D.

The D&D Movie will flounder. Sure lots of folks are excited. I admit that even I’m a little excited. But a lot of folks were angered or at least apprehensive about the OGL 1.1 and angering fans before a major release like a movie might not be a good idea. And basically, they’ve admitted that it’s basically a long commercial sooo. There’s that.

Nothing super special but I wanted to throw these out there. Maybe I’m wrong but we shall see.

And Addendum No. 1

I wrote this all yesterday and that was before James Raggi posted a new video up on Youtube. So my guess is that there’s going to be some drama coming soon to the old school scene. Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming.

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