RPGs are Cook Books

I’ve made lots of comparisons to RPG’s are like cooking likethe Bacon Cheese Burger of Offense and Pizza, Pineapple & RPG’s. Well with all this OGL drama it got me thinking again.

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Let me get the easy part out the way first. Publishers make rules. Gamers make the actual game. Like a cook book, the rule book is just a recipe. OK, yes. I know baking is chemistry but the savory or other stuff is more art than science. That’s where the cooking part comes in. Really, most recipes are just guidelines. You can tweak as you see fit. It does take skill and know how but it can be done. It’s very much once it’s out of the publishers hands, it’s the people at the gaming table that actually make the final “product”. So there. So publishers, tough luck, you don’t get any say what goes on at individual tables. When the dice meet the table, it’s not your game any more.

Now this whole thing also applies to strangers. Even with all this stuff about the OGL, there’s still folks who seemed more obsessed with happening at strangers table. Really, with this crap going on? Let’s give up that crap forever. I see that ugly specter coming back to online chatter. Sigh.

So there it is. An RPG’s are cook books. They’re guidelines for you to have something cool at your table. Don’t let any publisher or stranger tell other wise.

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