Dungeons & Lasers: Fantasy Bits

I picked up the Dungeons & Lasers: Fantasy Custom Bits on Amazon for cheap and figured that I’d share some thoughts on it since I haven’t that many reviews.

My primary reason for picking this up is some scatter terrain as well some random bits to accent other pieces. I know some one will ask how do these compare to Terrain Crate? To be honest. I don’t know. I haven’t picked up any Terrain Crate mini’s yet. From what I can gather from other reviews, the Terrain Crate plastic is more pliable than the Dungeon & Lasers.

So all the pieces are on sprues. I haven’t done the whole thing set so we’ll see how that goes. The plastic is good. I used some really cheap, crappy stuff from Dollar Tree and it isn’t like that. There are some gaps when assembling the multiple piece bits and there are some engineering problems. The good news is that many of the pieces are single solid pieces like the chests and barrels. Do you need to prime them? I couldn’t find a good answer online some of the below are primed and some aren’t and I didn’t really see any difference. And I used el cheapo craft paint. I used good old Super Glue to join the pieces.

Here’s the two pillars with some mini’s for scale. So they do seem a little small and you can see where the two pieces for each pillar join. What’s really odd on scale, is that there piles of books and compared to the miniatures those stacks are huge. So it seems that scaling is a bit off between the pieces.

The spiraling staircase is three pieces as you can see and miniatures only fit on the top. You can also see the base I added since that’s the only way I could have the thing stay standing. Looking at other pieces in the set, I’m expecting the same thing with the weapons rack and the mirror.

And here’s the candelabra. I think it’s a great piece. Scaled nicely and it’s a single piece of plastic. So overall, I’m happy with the set for some additional bits to add to other terrain or just use as additional scatter terrain. But don’t get too excited when you 70 pieces on the box. A bunch of those are tiny things sconces to add to a wall sections. Now some of the bits also are designed to attach to Dungeon & Lasers terrain but that shouldn’t be a problem when kit bashing.

I know that there’s lots of different types crafters out there. Me personally, I make the stuff to throw it on the table and play! So what may be only something minor to me, may be a deal breaker for others.

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