White Box Wednesday: Gargoyle 74

The OGL dust is setting and games are being updated and even some new ones are coming out. And this give us Gargoyle 74 from Stellagamma Publishing.

Gargoyle 74 is very much a clone of White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game. It’s got the standard four classes and very similar progression. The spell descriptions are much shorter. There a couple that could use a little bit of editing. There’s a lot that is the very, very similar. But I want to highlight some of the positive differences.

Where Gargoyle 74 really shines is the Appendices at the back of the book. There’s race as class but it’s not your standard races. You can see the mark of Stellagamma here. There’s the Antediluvian. Depending on your world, they could elves or if you want to be different play them as Melnibonians. You know like Elric. Then there’s Dwarves. These aren’t what most folks would consider dwarves. Nope. Their skin is copper. Their beards are bronze. And they’re full cogs and gears. Basically, constructs created by the Smith God. It is an interesting take on something that’s become so standard. Finally, there’s the lizard-kin. They fall into that barbarian role. They have natural armor that improves as they level plus they are pretty good at dishing out the damage.

Then we have some handy random charts to generate treasure hoard. I know, we’ve all got more than we can use. I think I like these because their pretty condensed.

Wrapping up the book are a whole collection of d20 random tables. And I know everybody like random tables. There’s a whole group to generate a random dungeon. Then some random plot points. Follow that up with city encounters, what’s in the pocket, what’s in the box, events, and so on. For me, this is the best part of the book. And probably the most useful regardless of which rules set you happen to be using.

Overall, it’s got some good tools and options. It’s a decent addition to your White Box collection. You can find Gargoyle 74 over on DrivethruRPG.

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