Terrain Crate vs Dungeons & Lasers

I picked the Dungeons & Lasers Fantasy Bits a while ago. So I figured it would be a good idea to order some Terrain Crate and do some comparison. I grabbed the Dungeon Essentials set from Terrain Crate.

I just got the Terrain Crate box and I haven’t had a chance to paint them yet. I’m doing this as more of a comparison of scale and detail. So the Terrain Crate stuff is unpainted. I also used a couple of the Dungeon & Lasers bits that WIP’s. So I started painting. It just ain’t done yet. I used the same Reaper mini also to show scale.

Here’s barrels and treasure chests. OK The Terrain Crate are a little smaller and the treasure chest is two pieces. The lid is separate. Detail wise they are about the same.

Now, here’s the coffins. Less detail on Terrain Crate and once again a bit smaller. In this case, the Terrain Crate coffin is one piece and D&L are multiple pieces.

Here’s two thrones. These are much closer in scale. You can’t tell it from the pictures but the D&L one is actually 4 pieces.

Now this one really got me. The D&L books and scrolls are huge in scale compared to a mini. This does make them easier to handle at the gaming table. As you can the Terrain Crate book is more to scale but so much smaller and if you just used it as separate piece at the game table, there’s a good chance that it could get lost.

The Dungeons & Lasers Bits come on sprues. Some of it’s pretty tight to get those nippers in there. So you’ll have to work out any burrs from trimming. They are made from the same gray plastic. While the Terrain Crate are all separate pieces. There are mold lines here and there. But they use two different types of plastic. The doors are a harder, more brittle plastic. Much like the plastic of the D&L set. The other Terrain Crate pieces are a softer, more rubberier type of plastic.

I’m satisfied with both purchases. They are both good bits of scatter terrain for your table. As I get pieces done, I’ll post the results here.

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