Pillars 2.0

I made some pillars a while but then thanks to this video from Black Magic Craft, I decided to do a different style.

I know this Jeremy is way more talented than I am. The guy puts out some beautiful pieces. He builds a lot of stuff. Heck, he’s even got one of those fancy Proxon Cutters. Well, I don’t. I doubt I’ll ever do enough terrain to justify the cost. So I took a slightly different approach with my new pillars.

As is my normal tactic, I chose ease over everything. Just 3 inch tall by 1 inch square XPS blocks. I decided to make the course of stones 1/2 inch. You can do it smaller. Then all the usual painting steps. And be sure to put some weight in the bottom. I’ve grown to like drywall screws with a drop of PVA glue and the tip. Any way here’s the finish product.

And here’s the older simpler pillars. As you can see, better lighting and a better camera help too.

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