Blighted Krevborna: Things You Learn In The Sewer

Sometimes even experienced players do silly things that can get their characters killed. That’s what happened in this session.

We started the session with some rumors. The one that matters here is, “There are wererats in the sewers.” Then later on the party was hired to go into the sewers and do a seek and destroy on an evil cult’s temple. They went shopping. They some extra lanterns and some better armor for the fighter and then it was into the sewers.

I had this set up as a series of semi-random encounters and the first thing the party runs into was a wererat lair. It was an ugly fight and they barely survived. They crawled out of the sewer and tended their wounds. So what did they do?

They jumped right back into the sewers to get revenge on those dirty wererats. Seemingly to totally ignore that each anyone hit one of the wererats, the GM would say, “You’re blow doesn’t seem to do as much damage as it should.”

The second trip into the sewer went even worse. First, the Magic-User was killed. Then with her last breath, the Plague Doctor pours a Create Zombie potion down the throat of the magic-user. Meanwhile, the dwarf fighter is barely holding his own and the most effect thing he came up with was holding a wererat’s head under “water” (OK, it was raw sewage) until it drowned. The fog of war starts to clear and the Dwarf is down to 1 HP. The wererats are all down. So that leaves him facing the zombie of his friend. He kills the zombie, crawls out of the sewer, and begins drinking heavily.

I asked them, “Why didn’t you get any silver weapons?” The general response was thought about it and dismissed it; and we didn’t want to spend the extra money.

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