White Box Wednesday: Order of the Crimson Death

I admit that it’s getting tough to find new stuff that centered around White Box. So if you hear of anything then drop a comment. That also means that just maybe I should get off my butt and write some more stuff on my own. But in the mean time, I just happened stumble upon a pretty cool blog. Well,actually, they found me.

This isn’t a review just a little heads up on someplace cool to go for some White Box fun, a very interesting campaign, and links to more White Box tools than I knew existed. So it’s worth checking out Order of the Crimson Death.

I know this is a short little post. Hey, they can all be long rants by yours truly. Like I said, check out that blog.

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5 thoughts on “White Box Wednesday: Order of the Crimson Death”

  1. Hi Chuck, thanks for the shout out. Our Campaigns are back in full swing (we have two running) so the blog will be getting more attention. I am working on a Beast’s & Horrors document that will contain all unique monsters. Once done I will post it and then we be focusing on an updated edition print copy of our campaign for Club Members. The funny thing is we game Wednesday nights so White Box Wednesdays live, ha ha. If you make or hear of anything White Box related please let me know and I will put it on the Blog. Cheers.

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