Unpopular Opinions

You know with some of the drama going on I was planning on doing this post any way. Buy Wylock put out some of his own so what the heck time to double down with own. So yes. This happened to be a total coincidence.

Let’s start out with the biggie. No rule, set of rules, or game is sacred. You can hack, fold, spindle, mutilate to your heart’s desire. You don’t need the permission from any game designer or publisher. You don’t need to ask their forgiveness. You don’t need the blessing of a bunch of strangers on the Internet. The only people that matter are the folks at your table.

Too many people are whine about how strangers play their games. When your group gathers around the table. It’s your game. Play how you want. How often have you heard, “I would never do that at my table.” or “That’s not fun.” Dear Internet Stranger, you don’t get to define what’s fun at my table.

If it’s not defined in the rules then make something up. Really, how many times have I seen some minor thing like the price of a piece of odd ball equipment cause some body to get all worried because there isn’t a price in the rule book.

If everybody gets the same bonus then it’s not really a bonus.

The time it takes to generate a character should be inversely proportional to character life expectancy. So the deadlier the game, the faster character generation should be.

No game is better than a bad game. If you don’t the game or the people. Just walk away. You’ll feel better in the long run.

You are not your character. Your character is not you.

Your campaign isn’t a novel or movie script.

Understand the genre of the game.

Yeah that just some random thoughts. This’ll probably get me in trouble with somebody.

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