White Box Wednesday: Going to have mix up things a bit

Even in normal times, there isn’t that much material made for White Box gaming. Sure there are runs of a specific game but then it seems to fall out of the limelight for the next shiny. But the thing is from what I’ve seen in a totally non-scientific sense is that the game is still going strong.

It is difficult to review or hail any if there isn’t that much coming out or at least it’s difficult to find. So in one part, this my own little plea for those of you reading this. If you see something off the beaten path then spread the word.

Also, it’s time for me really consider doing some rules hacks. That’s what I really love going. So why not? I need another project to eat up my time. Be nice if I got off my butt and actually finished some. But that’s my problem. So if nobody is making stuff. Maybe I should. It’s time to put on my thinking cap. And well do something.

I know this is a short post. The day job has been crazy the last couple of weeks and it’s going to be crazy for a couple more.

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