White Box Wednesday: Mobilis in Mobili

Just as I said there isn’t much out there for White Box play along comes Mobilis In Mobili. Well, that one sneaked up on me.

Mobilis In Mobili is a short dungeon crawl for characters from 1st to 3rd level and is published by the fine folks of Stellagamma Publishing. The adventure is dual stat’d for Gargoyle 74 and Old School Essentials.

The adventure centers around a haunted manor and the secrets within and underneath. And yes it’s a seaside adventure. There’s a region around the manor that’s only detailed enough to inspire the GM. That’s fine with me. I change up stuff all the time. And there’s a couple of little homages there too; Fort Caldwell and Port Easley. Wink. Wink.

Most of the adventure is pretty standard fare and should be fairly easy for most GM’s to run. And it’s not overly long but does provide many interesting adventure hooks that could be well used by a creative GM. There are mysteries to be solved but I look at this as more of gateway adventure that will just lead the player characters into more adventures later on.

I’d say that Mobilis In Mobili is a good adventure to throw into a current campaign or as a starting point for a new one. If anything I wish there was more in adventure about resolving the curse on the manor and/or the twisted history of the owners. The bits and pieces are there but like I said the GM should tailor to their own world.

You can check out Mobilis in Mobili out on DrivethruRPG.

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