Movies To Watch This Weekend Other Than That One

Hey, there’s that big movie coming out this weekend. You know the one from the corporation that pretty much wanted to destroy the RPG industry. Remember that?

OK. WOTC has irked me for a lot of years with some of the their shenanigans but this whole OGL train wreck was really the final straw. I don’t trust them and I’ll bet this thing isn’t over. So yes. I’m avoiding the movie this weekend. Just maybe when I can stream it. But then it’s still just a maybe. So instead here’s some my picks for this weekend’s movie viewing pleasure.

I’m not going to search these for you on where they are streaming but most are free services. Just look for them. Or in one case, I actually have the DVD.

Gamers Dorkness Rising: Sure it’s the second movie and you might miss out on some in-jokes that refer to the first one. But just go watch it.

Mythica. Sure it’s low budget. But hell. The main characters are a fighter, thief, cleric and magic-user. Oh and yes. They meet in a tavern.

Princess Bride. Really, I shouldn’t have to explain this one to you.

Hawk The Slayer. Really this was the D&D Movie before there ever was a D&D Movie.

And finally dig up that old copy of the first D&D movie. I know it’s painful but it just seems like the thing to do.

There’s lots more movies too. There’s the classic Harryhausen movies and many more. There’s only so many hours in the weekend. Watch what you want. Go out there and have fun the way want to. But for me, I’m still miffed.

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