Fie! I Say! Comedy Fantasy RPG.

Ever have an idea for a games and then just let it sit there with just a few notes and then somebody else comes out and basically does it better? Well, that’s Fie! I Say!

Fie! I Say! is what it says on the cover. It’s a comedy Fantasy Parody RPG using the d6 system. You know the good old West End Games d6 system. Fie! I Say! takes teh d6 rules and simplifies them more. Characters have four stats and each stat has one skill. Yes, just one skill. Here’s the thing. There isn’t a skill list. Players (with GM approval) just make up what their characters are good at. The same goes for spells which are considered skills. So the rules themselves are very simple and character generation is quick and easy.

While the rules are easy, some folks just aren’t funny. You won’t find much help other than the rather humorous writing style. The game mechanics themselves aren’t the jokes. You have to do that on your own. Like I said, some folks just aren’t funny. The best advice I can give is to forget trying to survive or “win” just do the craziest thing possible and let the dice fall where they may. Because it’s a comedy game, characters don’t die but the player does get put into time out for a bit.

Could you do a long-term campaign? Probably, not. But there are rules for character advancement. It’s just the urge to be funny can be a drag. But it would make a great change of pace for a one-shot or even a short campaign. Just kick back with some beer and pretzels and laugh. That’s something I think we really need in RPG circles.

Fie! I Say! is a good addition to my RPG library. It’s going to be there ready for me to whip out and change things up. So go check it out on DrivethruRPG.

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