More Random Tables

A little bits of scatter terrain getting painted slowly. And me so putting things together to make them interesting to the reader. Maybe some times I succeed. So here’s a comparison of a few tables.

From left to right:

We have a homemade table made from mini-Jenga blocks from the dollar store. I grabbed this idea from DM Scotty. It’s a simple and cheap build but kind of “blocky”. Get it?

In the middle, is a newer acquisition. It’s a nice little piece from a Terrain Crate set. Solid and easy to paint.

Then on the right, is a 1st generation Reaper Bones.

I do have to say of the three, the Terrain Crate is favorite. Better scale. Not as flimsy as the Reaper.

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2 thoughts on “More Random Tables”

  1. Heh, I’d like to see more. Perhaps a round table (bar), round table (knightly), a map table, banquet table, bloody butcher (or doctor’s a or cultist’s) table?


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