More Unpopular RPG Opinions

This was fun last time so let’s try again. And some recent events have added a few more. Just like everybody else I got an opinion.

It’s good not being an “Influencer”: Oh there was that recent summit. You know the one. But it’s pretty good not being one of the cool kids. Sure I have this little blog. But I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll never be one of the big names. That’s perfectly. I can pretty much write whatever I want. I’m not at the mercy of the largess of big name company. I don’t have to life up to the expectations of some rabid fan base.

There’s no one right way to play games: But there are plenty of wrong ways: I’ll just let you meditate on the one. Think over.

“Just make something up” is perfectly good advice: Oh I see so many questions when the old school and new school paths cross. There just seems to be such a fear of breaking the rules. Going against the intentions of the game designer. Really, just make something up and move on. Maybe decided correctly. Maybe you didn’t. If you make a mistake. Admit it. Fix it. And move on. Don’t double down on it.

You can like more than one game: Oh shocker! I don’t know why liking different games sets off some folks. I just don’t get it.

You haven’t actually read the book, have you? My god! I want say that on so many groups and forums. Everyone can miss a couple of things but some of the questions are pretty obvious. The person asking just hasn’t read the book at all.

OK. That’s enough rants for today.

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One thought on “More Unpopular RPG Opinions”

  1. i tried to figure once why the intensity of hating a certain mechanic when i talked to someone a few weeks back. it started as 2 nerds nitpicking about something than evolved to the usual “you’re the reason nazis existed in the first place!”
    i think maybe its because rpg’s are more artsy in nature and some people are sure a mechanic is like subliminally trying to educate them in a way. Of all games – rpg definitely has a “soul” to it


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