D&D is like Poker

Another rant like so many others. Well, others have been saying and I’ve said similar things before but I’m going to say it again but this time in slightly different way and just may be a few more folks just might get it. D&D is like Poker.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Hey, come on over. We’re playing poker tonight! Folks show up. Alright, how about some five card draw. Wait. No. We need to play Texas hold ’em. Those suck. We need to play seven card stud. Jacks or better to open is a bad rule.

You see where I’m going with this? A bunch people get together to play Poker. And then they get into an argument about which kind of Poker and then that quickly goes down hill into name calling and generally whining. There’s more than one kind of Poker. The basics of the rules are the same. The tools are the same. But here’s the thing. While I don’t travel in Poker internet circles but I’m pretty sure that there isn’t the sort of drama and bitching that happens in D&D and RPG circles in general.

So yeah. Listen again, people in the cheap seats. There’s more than one way to play elf games. Really. There is. I know what I like which isn’t what a lot other like. These freaking arguments are generally pretty damned stupid.

So go out there just have some fun. I know there’s a few folks that even this statement is wrong. Sigh.

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