Tavern Walls

I like making things that are easy to use at the table and add a little bit atmosphere to the scene. I’ve got wood floor UDT (see below) and I’ve made some tables and bars. So only thing left is some interior scatter terrain wall sections for the more urban settings.

The construction was pretty standard. Some half inch XPS cut into 3 inch by 1 1/2 inch sections. Instead of the good old foil ball, I made a foil “roller” and just went over each piece once. I just wanted a little bit texture to mimic stucco. Then just hit them with a coat of black paint/Mod Podge. I used a”Parchement” craft paint then hit them with a homemade brown wash. For the timbers, I grabbed up a few wooden coffee stir sticks and cut to size. I decided to different layouts for each section and left one side without timbers. I made a poor man’s wood stain with just watered down burnt umber craft paint. Slap it on and quickly wipe it off. Then attached the timbers with tacky glue and coat the whole section with polyurethane. And done.

And from this angle you can see how I counter weighted the walls. A drywall screw in each end (with a little PVA glue) and cut a narrow groove along the base and inserted a finish nail and covered that with DAP Kwik Seal. All in all. I think they came out good.

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