White Box Wednesday: Delving Deeper Companion

Let me say again that it’s hard find new things coming out for White Box style play. I, for one, really like it. But onto this week’s rant.

Delving Deeper is another of the White Box clones that can fold into an existing game. It’s got a cool take on the rules and you can see my previous rant about it here. And I just heard about a Companion.

This is really great resource with extra rules, rules clarifications, more spells, handy tools for your campaign, more classes, and just down right useful material. Heck, there’s a bunch of stuff you could use in other styles of old school games. There’s some nice material in there to add to your GM notebook. I’m not going to do a long rant about this one because it’s free. So it’s well worth checking out over at Immersive Ink.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. And yes, I know this is a really short post.

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