The Jovian Visitor

I said I’d do more Lamentations of the Flame Princess this year and here’s more. And before any one asks. This review was already in the queue before all that other stuff happened. So let’s get on with the review.

This is a tough adventure to review. Mainly, because I try really hard to avoid spoilers and since it’s a mystery it’s full of spoilers. And that’s the first point. This adventure isn’t for anybody but for reasons that most would think. It’s because it’s a mystery and takes more detective work than sword work.

The Jovian Visitor clocks in at 22 pages was written by Glynn Seal. It’s a good adventure. The plot is pretty standard one. The party gets hired to locate some stolen books and gets involved in a cult’s crazy plan. LotFP has a reputation for having icky adventures and adventures that the party can’t “win”. Well, it has none of those icky things folks. So don’t worry about that. Also, if the players follow the clues and play even half way smart they could get through the adventure rather easily. If any thing does horribly wrong then it’ll probably be because the player characters used kick down the door dungeon tactics rather than subtler approaches. And if they do really screw up, well, it’s pretty much end of the world.

Like other LotFP adventures, The Jovian Visitor takes place within an historical context; Florence in this case. I think that Jovian Visitor would be a good companion adventure to Terror in the Streets which is set in Paris. These two adventures would fit well together within the same campaign.

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