Even More Thoughts on Lamentations of the Flame Princess

That last whole kerfuffle with Lamentations of the Flame Princess really fed my urge to run a campaign. And now it looks that there just may be a chance that it might happen in a couple of months so that means putting on the old thinking cap.

First, let me do a little rant about rules. I do feel guilty if I house rule and hack the original TSR era texts. I get over it but I feel a little guilty about. But for any retro-clone. I want to hack the hell out of it. And there’s not much really to do because there’s already so much cool stuff. First and most obvious to most are those 2nd Edition play test rules in Vaginas Are Magical and Eldritch Cock. There’s some gems in there like rolling to case, more skills, and some tweaks on the Ability scores are used. The second neat thing is an oldie but a goodie. That’s Green Devil Face No 5. What does that one have? Random character progression. You may not get more HP every level. Ouch. And pretty grim. Then there’s my own warped imagination. I’ve really gotten inspired the last couple of weeks and started scribbling all sorts of ideas down. Stayed tuned for more on that but the previews of stuff will show up over on the Locals community. And finally, there’s a few OSR style supplements that have given me some ideas but more on that later.

Now for setting. Let’s be honest. If you look at the whole line of Lamentations Adventures, they are all over the place but most center around historical eras and locations and put a weird twist into the mix. But for me, I just can’t leave well enough alone and I brought up my original memories when I read through the Grindhouse rules. A setting that’s an odd mix of Warhammer Fantasy+Evil Dead+Hammer Horror. You know grim dark gothic weird fantasy with a dark sense of humor. So got to put some notes down on that.

The best I can say is stay tuned. More stuff will here and my other hangouts on the Internet. It going to get interesting.

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