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OSR Supplement Jam on

I’ve thought about trying my luck and putting up a few PDF’s on And well. Now seems like a great time.

Maybe you’ve heard or may be you haven’t. There’s an OSR Jam happening on So in case you don’t know what the heck is. Well, it’s a simple sales platform originally for computer games but it’s grown to include more stuff. You know like table top RPG stuff. That’s why you’re here, right?

Photo by Markus Spiske on

So what the heck is an jam? Basically, a bunch of creators just start making stuff. We’re not talk huge projects. Small and simple things. And there’s usually some sort of theme. The one I’m talking about here is for OSR supplements. Not a game. Just some little supplement to support whatever OSR game you want.

So go ahead and check it out and follow along. Want to try your hand at making a little PDF. Go ahead. Join the fun. I’ve plenty of partially used notes cluttering up the old hard drive. It’s time to let some of that stuff out into the wild. So stayed tuned and see what I manage to cobble together. It’s real easy to create an account. Heck, even I managed to do it.

Let’s have some fun out there. You know roll the dice and kill the monsters.

Quantum Starfarer

Yes, I know. I haven’t written about anything Cepheus in a long time. Trust me. There’s lots of stuff on my to-do list. But this ain’t about my lack of discipline. It’s about the newest offering from Stellagama Publishing, Quantum Starfarer!

So what’s this little gem? And I mean little. Like the other offering for Cepheus Quantum, Quantum Starfarer takes the classic 2d6 Sci-Fi engine (AKA Traveller) and boils it down to the most basic and easiest mechanics. Cepheus Quantum comes as two “Sheets”. Sheet One has every thing for characters (including psionics) from generation to combat while Sheet Two covers starship creation and combat. I did notice there’s a little goof there. The Ace Trait gains a +2 bonus to gain Edge in vehicle combat but nowhere does it explain what “Edge” is. I believe that this should be for Vehicle Initiative.

Also, reducing it down to only a couple of pages there’s a few things that some might say are missing. Most notably alien races and equipment. These aren’t that big of an omission since you can grab up the Quantum SRD as PWYW.

So what is this even good for? Well, it’s to introduce new players to the basics of the Cepheus Engine, and prefect for a quick pick up game or a convention game.

You can grab this little PDF up for the low cost of $1 (as of this writing) over on DrivethruRPG.

Thanks for stopping by and roll those dice out there.

Maybe D&D isn’t for everybody

I was doing my usual brain dead web surfing the other day and I stumbled across this article and it got me thinking. D&D isn’t for everybody. That’s OK.

Alright, maybe I should say RPG’s in general but the big marketing push right now is that D&D is cool and for everybody. Let’s face it. It’s just not everybody’s thing. Old timers know what’s it like to recruit players. We’d talk and invite just about anybody. And some folks just didn’t enjoy the game.

Some folks don’t like Monopoly, Risk, poker, bridge, or what have you. It doesn’t mean that the games are bad or the people are bad. It’s just not their thing. Some people will throw themselves into a career that may not pay the best but they have a passion for it. Rather than taking whatever pays the best but they don’t enjoy. Like I said, it’s the big marketing push is to make the game for everybody. Remember, when they were calling World of Warcraft “the new golf”? Yeah, how’s that going now? Just like video games or other games as I’ve said. Not all people enjoy the same things which is perfectly fine.

Why is the floor blue?

If you’re not having fun as player or a GM. Think about it. Is it the people? It’s magical thing when a group just clicks. It always doesn’t happen. Or is it that the game just isn’t your thing but you’re doing because it’s supposed to cool. Do it because you enjoy it.

Art of the Genre: Storyteller’s Arcana

I said I’d share some thoughts on something from Art of the Genre that wasn’t part of the Black Label series. Now, I’ve got a bunch of their stuff on PDF thanks to Kickstarter stretch goals. Out of all of them, I’d say the most useful one is The Storytellers Arcana.

So what’s The Storyteller’s Arcana? Basically, it’s a DM Guide. So what’s in those 130+ pages? Well, you’ve got archetypal NPC’s, new spells, adventure seeds, mini adventures and tons of advice and commentary. And that last bit is where it becomes the most inspirational and useful.

Let’s face it. Most supplements have mainly just crunchy bits and/or fluff but there’s very little about the thought and philosophy that goes into making those. So not only is there various bits and pieces you could add to your game but also examples and commentary which I find inspirational for tailoring bits and pieces into my own game.

Of course, there also that special bonus that mechanics and monsters are dual stated for old D&D and 5E making it useful no matter where you fall on the Edition curve. But I will admit that it is a bit pricey but if you’ve got the extra cash about dropping on the PDF might be useful.

You can find the PDF of Storyteller’s Arcana on DrivethruRPG. As of this writing, you can pick up hardback copies on the Art of Genre’s website.

And with that. Keep rolling those dice out there. And be just a bit silly.

It’s Time To Put The F Back in Gaming

Too many folks take stuff way too seriously. There’s just too much keyboard warrior chest thumping and posturing. Dang it. Let’s have some fun out there.

This all came about when I was just doing some random surfing and 2500 Things Mr Welch Cannot Do In An RPG came up. I had a good laugh and then I got a little sad. This was posted way back in 2005. Post something like that now and you’d get all sorts flack. Screw that. Let’s have fun out there and laugh. Sure you sense of humor may be different. That’s OK. Let others laugh. But what about… Stop. Just stop right there. Most people are reasonable. They know and understand that there lines that don’t crossed. It’s just the jerks that screw it up for everybody.

So let’s go out there and laugh during our games and spread the humorous tales of quotes taken out of context, dumb things players say or do, slap stick fumbles, and might crits.

Quit looking at my axe.

Let us regale the tales of Eric & the Gazebo or the saga of the Head of Vecna. And spread our own tales of comic antics. Let’s get the gaming community laughing again.

And here’s a little tale of my own from Dungeon Crawl Classics. The Fighter gets hit with a fire trap, catches on fire, and drops. Elf runs up and tries but fails to put the fighter out. Cleric runs up and heals the Fighter back to consciousness (while he’s still on fire). Fighter tries to put himself out. Fails. Takes damage and drops again. Elf tries to put out the fighter again. And fails. I mean like they were rolling one’s and two’s for a simple DEX check. This went on for 3 rounds of the Fighter falling unconscious and getting revived while he was still on fire. Yes, we laughed off our asses at this morbid scene.

So let’s have fun out there. Roll the dice and laugh. And spread the word about the good times we have at the table.