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Dungeons & Lasers: Fantasy Bits

I picked up the Dungeons & Lasers: Fantasy Custom Bits on Amazon for cheap and figured that I’d share some thoughts on it since I haven’t that many reviews.

My primary reason for picking this up is some scatter terrain as well some random bits to accent other pieces. I know some one will ask how do these compare to Terrain Crate? To be honest. I don’t know. I haven’t picked up any Terrain Crate mini’s yet. From what I can gather from other reviews, the Terrain Crate plastic is more pliable than the Dungeon & Lasers.

So all the pieces are on sprues. I haven’t done the whole thing set so we’ll see how that goes. The plastic is good. I used some really cheap, crappy stuff from Dollar Tree and it isn’t like that. There are some gaps when assembling the multiple piece bits and there are some engineering problems. The good news is that many of the pieces are single solid pieces like the chests and barrels. Do you need to prime them? I couldn’t find a good answer online some of the below are primed and some aren’t and I didn’t really see any difference. And I used el cheapo craft paint. I used good old Super Glue to join the pieces.

Here’s the two pillars with some mini’s for scale. So they do seem a little small and you can see where the two pieces for each pillar join. What’s really odd on scale, is that there piles of books and compared to the miniatures those stacks are huge. So it seems that scaling is a bit off between the pieces.

The spiraling staircase is three pieces as you can see and miniatures only fit on the top. You can also see the base I added since that’s the only way I could have the thing stay standing. Looking at other pieces in the set, I’m expecting the same thing with the weapons rack and the mirror.

And here’s the candelabra. I think it’s a great piece. Scaled nicely and it’s a single piece of plastic. So overall, I’m happy with the set for some additional bits to add to other terrain or just use as additional scatter terrain. But don’t get too excited when you 70 pieces on the box. A bunch of those are tiny things sconces to add to a wall sections. Now some of the bits also are designed to attach to Dungeon & Lasers terrain but that shouldn’t be a problem when kit bashing.

I know that there’s lots of different types crafters out there. Me personally, I make the stuff to throw it on the table and play! So what may be only something minor to me, may be a deal breaker for others.

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Battlemaster Beastman

Not much this week. Years ago, I had a copy of Battlemasters. I’m not sure where all the bits and pieces but I’m found the miniatures in box at the bottom of the closet of doom.

By today’s standards, these aren’t the most detailed miniatures but they are easy to paint and are great for random monsters. Simple and easy. That’s how I like stuff.

Walls 3.0

OK maybe it’s 3.0 or 2.1 or whatever. Not sure which version but these came out the best so far.

Construction was pretty simple. XPS foam, Modge Podge/Black Paint under coat, paint the stones (and try not to have the same colors next to each other), black wash, dry brush, and high light the lines between stones.

These sections are 1 1/2 inches tall, 3 inches long, and half inch thick. I did counter weight the sections. I cut a small grove on the bottom of the wall and added a finishing nail that runs most of the length of the wall. I used DAP caulk to keep it in place. Then with a little PVA glue and screwed in a drywall screw point upward on each of the wall section. This seems to work pretty well.

Thanks for stopping by.

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I Think We’re At The Wrong Party

Remember back around Halloween with my DIY torture table. Well, I wasn’t so fond of it and went shopping around and grabbed up some stuff from Reaper Miniatures.

The rack and iron maiden are both Reaper Bones and the figures are both metal. I didn’t try any new techniques or anything on any of these. Just painting away.

Yeah, I know a pretty simple little project. They don’t all have to major engineering feats.

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2022: The Year That Was. 2023: Hang On To Your Dice

Like everybody else, it’s time to do that retrospective and dream about plans for the New Year.

2022: The Year That Was

There’s a lot that went on behind scenes here. First and foremost the blog had great year. About half way through the year, I stopped posting to RPG Facebook Groups just to see what would happen. Basically, I learned that it was pointless. Not only did the traffic here not decrease. It actually increased. The blog ended up with twice the traffic in 2022 than it had in 2021. I still do cross post to the blog’s Facebook page and you can follow it of there if you wish.

And speaking of social media, I deactivated my old Twitter account because the place pretty much turned into a cesspool and like Facebook, it really wasn’t doing anything other than taking up time. But then with the change in management and gut instinct that maybe things could start going better in RPG sphere’s, I want ahead and created a new account. So it’s time to rebuild that network from the ground up. And I guess we’ll see how that goes. And you follow me on Twitter over here.

So now let me talk about the “bad”. I didn’t publish a single thing last year. Nothing. Nada. Nope. I have a long list of projects there I started but never finished. And there’s no one to blame other than myself.

And on the gaming front, that went well too. While I haven’t managed to make the time or locate a good gaming group in meat space, I have had a great running a game virtually with some folks of my pre-pandemic group. Folks moved away when things got crazy but it’s good to get back in touch.

2023: Best Laid Plans

So what’s up for 2023? Lots. Hopefully not too much.

The blog is going to keep on going the way it is. My Patreon is still going to be available if you want to support the blog in a small way. I set up as sort of revolving tip jar. If enough folks demand it then I might do more but for next year I’m going to focus on building the the Locals community. I have more options than with Patreon and it’s free join in for community members. I haven’t put stuff behind the paywall yet but I might starting the really juicy bits there eventually.

Maybe return to doing some videos. Part of me hates doing it but part of me enjoys it. Of course, I’m still debating on platform. Sure, Youtube is the most popular but I’ll have a heck of hill climb with algorithms and an ever shifting content moderation and pretty much very little chance of making some beer and pizza money. Maybe Rumble. They do own Locals now so there’s some easy integration. Monetization is easier but from what I can tell there ain’t a bit of RPG content over there. But then I might do both. I dunno.

I really need to get off my ass and get some of those gaming projects done and on the street. And part of getting stuff, I still to do over to Big Geek Emporium and get started with some over there.

And finally, it’s a New Year and that means I’m starting a new campaign shortly. It’s going to be a wild ride for my players. Mash up of Hammer Horror/Warhammer Fantasy with some good old other weirdness thrown in. I’ll be kitbashing the Deathbringer rules and ICRPG. And there’s a good chance that I’ll actually get to play too. But that’s a 5E game but at least no DMing. And I have a real urge to start messing around with Lamentations of the Flame Princess again.

And with all that. Let’s get the ball rolling on this New Year.