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Playing It Wrong: Time to Make Stuff

You don’t need any special certificate, accreditation, or license to make RPG stuff. Just do it. A lot of us older folks in the OSR get the label and I think we subconsciously follow that label that we are “The Establishment. We aren’t we’re the underground comics. We’re punk rock. So let’s go out there and make cool stuff and share it. Let others know about the cool stuff others are making. Personally, I have to get off my butt and get more done. More blog posts. More episodes of the pod cast. And just get a lot of that stuff that’s been in my head out. And share it. You can listen to the podcast right here or subscribe on most platforms.

Here’s the TED Talk I mentioned in the episode.

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Playing It Wrong: Cepheus Engine

It’s Episode 19 and I know missed last week. Like most of you I was focused on current events. But you aren’t here to talk about that. Let’s escape for a few minutes to the world of Elf Games.
In this episode, I talk about the Cepheus Engine (old-school Traveler) and mostly about the Sword of Cepheus. It’s a pretty darned good Sword & Sorcery RPG. A more detailed review is forth coming here on the blog. Plus there’s a good chance you’ll more about some of the games running off these rules. I’ve already done a little review on Zaibatsu.

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Playing It Wrong: Roll Initiative!

This episode I talk about initiative and high some interesting methods I’ve seen over the years in such games as TWERPS, The Hero System, Shadowrun, and Savage Worlds. Find out where I stole my house rule from. And finally back to reading from the Tomes of Ancient Forbidden Knowledge. This time Druid Spells from Eldritch Wizardry, Supplement III.
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Playing It Wrong: I Hate Some People

Yes, I know I missed last week and barely got this week’s done. Life around the Gazebo has been busy and I just ain’t used to all the moving furniture and appliances around. So I’m still dog tired and sore.
This episode is a total ramble cast. I hate “some people”. You know that mythical bunch that is always cited by someone in online arguments. It’s always “some people”. Not much going on in the way of gaming but got lots of ideas bouncing around inside my head. But that’s for a later blog post. Plus a shout out to the new Kickstarter by Bloat Games, Survive This Fantasy. And there’s some other stuff too. No Tomes of Ancient Forbidden Knowledge. That’ll be next episode.
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Episode 15: Old School Psionics WTF? and Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

I really tried to delve into the Psionics in Supplement III: Eldritch Sorcery. It just made my brain hurt. But isn’t that what Psionics is about? Also, a call in and another tale from the Bag of Too Many Things. And you can stream it right here or subscribe on most podcast platforms. Just search for Playing It Wrong and look for the pig.

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