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Stuff on the Shelf

Random tables are always fun and this little one just popped into my crazy little brain.
The “So What’s on The Shelf” Chart
1-Human Skull
2-Humanoid Skill
3-Empty Vial
4-An earthenware jug with a skull and crossbones on it. Contents may or may not be poisonous.
5-What looks like dried herbs but are actually useless weeds.
6-A Book of Partial Spells. The contains the only partially completed spells. Basically, useless.
7-An empty box
8-A figurine depicting a fertility god(ess).
9-A book filled with naughty doodles.
10-An inkwell and quill
11-A blank scroll
12-An orcish cook book
13-A treasure map (usefulness is up to the GM).
14-A poor quality dagger
15-A stuffed frog
16-A full chamber pot
17-A candle stick
18-A brush and comb
19-A hand mirror