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White Box Wednesday: Order of the Crimson Death

I admit that it’s getting tough to find new stuff that centered around White Box. So if you hear of anything then drop a comment. That also means that just maybe I should get off my butt and write some more stuff on my own. But in the mean time, I just happened stumble upon a pretty cool blog. Well,actually, they found me.

This isn’t a review just a little heads up on someplace cool to go for some White Box fun, a very interesting campaign, and links to more White Box tools than I knew existed. So it’s worth checking out Order of the Crimson Death.

I know this is a short little post. Hey, they can all be long rants by yours truly. Like I said, check out that blog.

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What’s Cool Wednesday: Chaos Factory Books

I like going off the beaten path and finding those little things that fall outside of what all the cools kids are doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog or small publisher, there’s folks out there that don’t get enough recognition. That leads down to a little publisher, Chaos Factory Books.

Now, I haven’t purchased every single title but there’s a group that I have purchased many of and that’s the Dark Fantasy supplements. These are short, low-cost, system-neutral PDF’s. I’ve grabbed up Dark Fantasy Settings, Dark Fantasy Places, Dark Fantasy Religion, and Dark Fantasy Magic. Each one contains a whole series of random tables for a GM to use as inspiration for creating a Dark Fantasy or even a Weird Fantasy campaign or adventure. For me personally, these are the best kind of supplements. They don’t spell everything out for a GM but inspire to bring in whatever weird thing they want. And as I said, they could used for just plain old inspiration. Each PDF is only about 12 pages. Long enough to cover the subject but not overly detailed. These PDF’s give you just what need to get the job done.

So these are worth checking out on DrivethruRPG. Oh and the author, Eric Diaz, has a blog too so you can a good sense of what he’s up to.

What’s cool? The Lizard Man Diaries

It’s been long time since I did a “What’s Cool Wednesday” Part of that is that I’ve been so busy. Another part is just finding something new (to me at least) that’s really cool. But I got one this week.

Sure, The Lizard Man Diaries has been around for a while but I just stumbled across the blog via just shopping around DrivethruRPG. So what’s over there? Lots of cool ideas and random generators for lots and lots stuff. Rooms, gangs/guilds, tools for city adventures and all sorts of goodies.

So I recommend checking out the blog. That link is right above there. Oh, and there’s some pretty cool pdf’s available on DrivethruRPG. But I’ll talk more about a couple of those later.

And with that. Be cool out there. Look for and share cool gaming stuff. And talk about other people’s stuff that you thing is near.

What’s Cool Wednesday

Yes, I know I’m behind. Not only was I really busy but it’s hard finding those hidden gems on the Internet. But something finally popped up on my radar. Who’s cool this week? How about the Blood of Prokopius? This is an awesome take 5e inspired by Swords & Wizardry Continual Light. Just give it a gander.

Fun Little Things on Drivethru
Wherein Evil Lies
Delvers of the Underchasm
Echoes From Fomalhaut #05: The Enchantment of Vashundara
Odysseys & Overlords World Map
Far Away Land OSR Version
The City of Great Lunden
Adventures in Great Lunden
The Isle of the Amazon for Untold Adventures
Chaos Cults: Bubonica
[Vigilante City] Miscreants, Malefactors and Megalomaniacs
Dark Fantasy Magic

What’s Cool Wednesday: Malodorous Miasma Meltdown

It’s rare that I get full on embarrassing laughs at work while listen to a podcast. Here is the guilty party. Malodorous Miasma Meltdown check it out on Anchor. Damned funny!

And this week’s funny video clip

Cool Things via DrivethruRPG
Old School Essential Character Sheet
Old School Essential Character Sheet (Ascending AC Version)