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What’s Cool Wednesday: Roleplay Rescue

I’ve should have checked this out a long time ago but I finally got around to it. Roleplay Rescue
Check out the blog too, Ubiquitous Rat. Yeah this is another one that followed for years and never made the connection. Both are great check them out.

This Week’s Video:

Random Cool Stuff on DrivethruRPG
Frito’s Three Labors
The Blackest of Deaths (Ash Can Version)
Mystery of the Cursed Monastery
Old School Character Sheets

What’s Cool Wednesday: JEShields

He’s back folks! I admit that I’ve never commissioned James for any artwork but I have used his stock art in some of the things. So what can I say? Great art at great prices. I know that sounds silly but it’s true. So yes. He’s back. Check out his site. Check out the Patreon. Take a gander at his stuff on Drivethru. So welcome back.

This week’s funny video. Yeah the OSR is kind of like that.

Random Stuff From DrivethruRPG
The Wreck of the Mother’s Mercy
Viking Warships
Foul is All Magic
In the Company of Thieves

What’s Cool Wednesday: Hogtown Games

I have to thank Time “Gothridge Manor” Shorts for this one. He did a little review of Dice Roll Zine No and I was hooked. There’s some nice cool Old-School Stuff there. So you can check out the stuff on Drive Thru RPG. If that’s not enough, you can check out Steve C’s blog at The Boderlands. But wait there’s more. He does a podcast too. Check it all out folks.

And this week’s video.

Fun Random Stuff from DrivethruRPG
AD&D Character Sheet for Unearthed Arcana
Temple of the Harpies


What’s Cool Wednesday: Your FLGS

Well, it’s Free RPG Day this weekend. So yes this What’s Cool Wednesday is all about your FLGS. Support it. Even if they aren’t partaking in Free RPG Day. Your FLGS has a lot stacked against them. Online retailers, raising wholesale prices, and local taxes and rent. Remember that swag costs them dollars too. If you’re heading out to loot the swag, then spend a little cash while you are at it. That’s the $5 Pledge. Just spend some of your cash. Support your local, small businesses.
As a side note, I’ve noticed that there’s offering this year from Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

Just play D&D, kids.

Random Stuff at DrivethruRPG
The Withered Crag
Random Encounters Map Pack
Old School Essentials Character Sheets are released along with other goodies
Quick Start Character Race & Class Sheets: BtB
Advanced Labyrinth Lord Adventure Record Sheets
Dark Fantasy Characters
Shrine of the Wolf Maidens
First Five Fantasy Roleplaying

What’s Cool Wednesday: Cockatrice Nuggets

I really start a list of this posts so I remember who gets a shout out. This week it’s none other than another Anchorite. Yes, I know. I’ve shouted out a lot to these folks. Well, it’s because I’ve come across a lot of cool folk. there.
This week check out Cockatrice Nuggets by Rich Fraser. He talks mostly about 5E but don’t hold that against him. Heck, I do that too. You can also check out his blob at Slacker Nerds.

And here’s this week’s video!

Support your FLGS: Goodman Games take on Expedition to the Barrier Peaks is ready for preorder!

Random Stuff on Drivethrurpg:
Back to BasiX – Issue #9
Obscura One
The Screaming Swamp
The Magician’s House
Dice Roll Zine No 2
Gunderholfen: The Adventure/Megadungeon; The Map Pack; and The Encounter Pack.