Happy Halloween! Time for a Sale

I think it’s for a little Tick or Treat sale. So Gary Vs The Monsters is going on sale for the rest of the month.

So what is Gary Vs The Monsters? It’s my White Box homage to schlocky B-Horror. You aren’t heroes or monsters. You’re just some poor schmuck.

You grab the PDF over at DrivethruRPG. Or you can head on over to Lulu and get the hardcopy.

Happy Halloween and unpleasant dreams!

Updates on the Podcast

Hey I did another episode. Finally. We got some cool stuff coming up and working on lots stuff around the blog and various parts of the Internet. And still have plans for the old podcast. You can stream it below or subscribe on the podcast platform of your choice. Check it out over at Anchor.fm.

OSR Retrospective: Runequest

I’m meant to do this one later but I saw something on my Facebook feed that me think it would be a good time rant about Runequest & Basic Roleplaying.

I have a real fondness for old Runequest and its cousins; Call of Cthulhu, and especially the Magic World that was part of the Worlds of Wonder boxed set.

The thing is that when I was running it, I never ran Glorantha.  I was adapted it as a more Sword & Sorcery type game than D&D. It really worked well.  It was dangerous and characters were easy to make and didn’t have follow any strict class restrictions.  Oh and yes I did throw in some Cthulhu into the mix since it’s all basically compatible.

Thanks to the various open gaming licenses, there’s already some good clones of the system.   Most notably  Mythras by The Design Mechanism and OpenQuest by d101 Games.  Both of these are solid games.  And of course, Chaosium has release their own version of an OGL. So there’s more clones on the way.

But back to Runequest.  In my earlier reviews of the latest editions of both Runequest and Call of Cthulhu, I did mention that there were a couple of things that I disliked.  I dislike the flow chart to determine if your character is dead and more specifically my old 2nd edition of Runequest has roughly 1/4 the  page count of the current edition but still manages to have twice as much gamable content. So I much prefer the old editions of Runequest.  Which leads me back to where I started.  I guess I missed the Kickstarter but you can buy reprints and PDF’s of the old Runequest stuff.  This is all great news and worth checking out.

OSR Retrospective: Delving Deeper

This week it’s Delving Deeper, a cool little retroclone of the Little Brown Books.

Delving Deeper is another clone of the original (little brown books). as compared to Swords & Wizard White Box or White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game, Delving Deeper is a much more accurate recreation of the original.  So Delving Deeper doesn’t have the Ascending AC, Single Saving Throw, or simplified Thief of the others.

Delving Deeper comes in 3 volumes as we’ve grown accustomed over the years (Adventurers’ Handbook, Monsters & Treasures, and Referee’s Guide).   I’ll admit that I don’t actually play Delving Deeper.  I’m fonder of the aforementioned white box clones.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t use it.  While I do still have copies of my original Little Brown Books, I find PDF’s like Delving Deeper are good for research and just plain inspirational.  Much the way I was using Old School Essentials (when it was BX Essentials) while I was running Labyrinth Lord.  And like that, any minor differences were inconsequential.

You can grab the PDF’s up at DrivethruRPG. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?  You can grab up a hard copy over on Lulu for really cheap. And you can find out more information on Immersive Ink’s website.

A little Update and Big Thank you

Wow, it’s been busy so I wanted to a little breather here because things have been kind of crazy.

First, I renewed the domain and web hosting for the blog so you’re stuck with me posting random crap for another year.  And I really couldn’t have done without you.  So a big thank you goes out to every who has contributed to the PatreonBought Me A Coffee,  and/or bought something on DrivethruRPG or Lulu.  This wouldn’t have possible without your help. Thanks again to every one.

So I renewed. That was good news but then just like folks have complaining about Blogger, WordPress pushed the post interface.  I’m still not used to location of the buttons and stuff to the standard stuff and need to dig deeper to figure out what all the other bells and whistles they’ve cluttered by screen with.  Maybe something good and cool. I dunno yet but I’ll figure it out.

And I mentioned this on Patreon the other day, I’ve been working on a little RPG project and it’s going pretty darned good so far.  When that hits the nearly done phase, I’ll be making all sorts of rants and posts on that.

Once again I want to thank all those who chipped in and help pay the bills.  Thanks folks. And stay tuned for more fun and that RPG project I’m working on.  And wish me luck figuring out the new WordPress.

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