It’s Halloween Time!

And the stores have started getting in their decorations. You know what that means. More El Cheapo gaming stuff!
I stopped by the local Dollar Tree and picked up a couple of little goodies. First, we got three little gargoyles for just a buck. Not bad and shown with Some D&D minis for scale.

Don't worry. They're just statues.
Don’t worry. They’re just statues.

And then I saw this little beauty. I just could not pass up a gazebo made of bones. Heck even added it over there on the column head. And once again just buck and shown with some mini’s for scale.
Just shoot it with a crossbow.
Just shoot it with a crossbow.

Now they had some other stuff. The monsters were a little too big and cartoony for my tastes and the buildings were just quite right when can to size. I might get the mausoleum or maybe some spooky sections of fence later on.

Blasters & Blackholes: Now with more Psi


And here’s another update. Now with a few Psionic abilities and a slight re-working of the Psychic class. I’m throwing around some ideas for a new class and how to do ship combat in fun and exciting way. So stay tuned for that.

So here you go the current bleeding beta version of Blasters & Blackholes

Cheap Dungeon Geomorphs

Over the weekend, I did a quick and dirty little project to make some dungeon geomorphs. It was pretty straight forward. Found some cork tile scraps in an old box. Took a metal straight edge and utility knife then cut them out into usable sizes. Paint. Mark off squares with a straight edge and Sharpie.
Yes I know I made a couple of mistakes on the cutting and marking. Folks better than me at painting could add more detail.

This ain't gonna end well.
This ain’t gonna end well.

The next room can't be worse.
The next room can’t be worse.
The pictures don’t show all the tiles that I made. I got: 6-1×6, 3-4×4, 2-4×6, 2-2×4, 1-2×6, 1-1×3, and 1-6×8. That’s a decent selection.
My inspiration for this little project Wws DM Scotty’s really cool DM’s Craft. So check that out for some ideas.

A quick little drop chart for what’s in the depths of space

Here’s another little tool for anybody doing a space based campaign. Now this isn’t in any for a hard scifi game. Just a quick and easy drop chart to map out a little section of space and put a few things in there that would be inspirational and just a little bit weird. Enjoy.
Space Drop Chart

Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!

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