Murderous Arrows

The ancient God of Spite and Revenge grew so vile and bitter that the other gods decided to put an end to him. As final act of revenge the God of Spite cut off the finger tips of his left and fashioned them into the arrowheads for the Murderous Arrows. He then let these artifacts loose upon the world before he was struck down. At most, there are only five Murderous Arrows in existence.
Murderous Arrows grant no bonus to hit but any normal hit with an arrow is considered a critical hit (or double damage). If a natural 20 (or critical hit) is scored when attacking with a Murderous Arrow then the target is slain. It does not matter if the target is merely a lowly henchman or an ancient god from from beyond space and time. It is dead!
If a Murderous Arrow only wounds a target then the arrow then disappears only to appear in another random location in the world.
If a Murderous Arrow kills a target then the arrow ceases to exist. Additionally, the archer must make a Saving Throw versus Magic or be slain as well.
The gods fear these artifacts. Even good aligned will not hesitate to strike one of their own followers to gain possession of one of the Murderous Arrows. Any mortal possessing one of the arrows will be harassed, threatened or even killed by any number of divine servitors until the mortal no longer has the arrow.
If a magic-user attempts to use any parts of a creature that was slain with a Murderous Arrow as a material component for a spell or magic item then the magic becomes warped and twisted.

Blasters & Black Holes: Aliens and such

Yes, I know I’m behind in posting. Real life hasn’t been all that grand but you don’t come here to hear me whine.
Crazy aliens are hallmark for space opera and wanted a simple and flexible way to do it. There’s two really good systems out there. The system for Machinations of the Space Princess and X-plorers. Both are awesome. Now Machinations is a bit more complicated and I wanted something simpler. I gave myself one-page to do it. Yeah that was fun. But I think I hit on the key things as far as crunch goes when it comes to making an alien, cyborg, mutant, or robot. The little stuff doesn’t matter a +1 to AC is +1 to AC. Let the player define why and use it as inspiration for the fluff. The X-plorers version of aliens is pretty darned. Short and to the point and builds them as a class. I didn’t want to quite go that way but it serves as good inspiration.
So here you go. aliensv1
Things have been crazy like I said. Right now the “plan” is to hit up Weapons, Armor & Gear next. Then ships. And finally psychic abilities. This one is going to take me a while to get done. So I’m saving it for last. Once all this stuff is done in draft form and I have a chance to brainstorm a little more, it’s going to get mashed together. Then we’ll just see.

Blasters & Black Holes: Gonzo Space Opera Classes

If you’ve been following along, I just haven’t gotten this idea out of my head. Heck, even got a work title Blasters & Black Holes (maybe I’ll a neat graphic sometime).
Here’s a few notes thrown into something that others may find only slightly coherent. It’s been spell checked and that’s about it. This firmly based in many of my favorite retro-clones. Astute readers are going to see the fingerprints of Swords & Wizardry, Stars Without Number, X-Plorers, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Machinations of the Space Princess, and Dungeon Crawl Classics.
Here’s the PDF of the Classes and some of the basic stuff: classesnstuffv1
I still have to do Aliens, Psionic Abilities, Weapons Armor & Gear, and Ships & Vehicles.
And bonus points to those who are really paying attention, I still might do a Savage Worlds hack of this too.

Giant Lizardman!

It’s been a while since I did any el cheapo gaming posts but here you go!
I stopped by the local Dollar Tree and picked this bad boy up for a buck yesterday. Yes, it’s the Lizard from the Amazing Spiderman but I thought damn. Giant Lizardman here I come. It’s with some other standard mini’s on a 1 inch dungeon tile. That’s for scale kids. This is mini straight out of the package. No mods at all. The sculpt and paint job are better than stuff certain companies (looking at you Wizkids) charge around $5 for a human sized mini.
Game on, kids.

Not Skeletor Riding A Black Dragon for Swords & Wizardry

I was digging through an old box this weekend and I happened upon an old action figure I picked up at the dollar store years ago. So the first thing I did was plop on the back of my black dragon mini. Then someone on Google + suggested that I stat this up. So by request, here you go.

Not Skeletor (AKA Not Venger)
Hit Dice: 10
Armor Class: 0[19]
Attacks: +2 Magical Battle Staff (1d8+2, usable as melee weapon or magical bolt), Spells
Saving Throw: 5
Special: Spells, Undead (or Undead like abilities)
CL/XP: 14/2,600
Casts the following spells
3x/Day: Darkness 15 ft Radius, Hold Portal, Levitate, Mirror Image, Shield
2x/Day: Haste, Hold Person, Lightning Bolt
1x/Day: Animate Dead, Teleport

Black Dragon Mount
Armor Class: 2 [17]
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: 2 claws (1d4), bite (3d6)
Saving Throw: 9
Special: Spits acid (5ft by 60 ft line doing 28 points damage)
Move: 9/24 (when flying)
Challenge Level/XP: 9/1,100
May cast the following spells 1x/day: Charm Person, Magic Missile, Shield

Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!

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