Freemind: A Free Tool to Mind Map

I like free tools and stuff that makes my life easier and this is a good one not only for throwing ideas for a campaign, sand box, dungeon or what not.
Freemind is handy little Java based tool to “mind map” that is put down all those random ideas in some sort order. If you’re like me, you just have too many random ideas to keep straight. What you can with this is pretty limited by your imagination and creativity. Now I admit that I would like a little better if it could handle images more efficiently but it is free and you can work around it. Just look at this quick and easy little map I made for the World of Skarynth. I didn’t even use all the functions available this is just the simple stuff. Oh and did I happen to mention that you can export the files too.

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So it’ really worth a look, folks. I really plan on using this a lot more for a lot of different kind of projects.

It’s May and It’s DIY Month

It’s been a busy week and haven’t posted a darned thing and I don’t often mess with blog carnival like things. But crazy man Mike Evans has declared May as DIY Month.
Heck, that’s what this blog is all about. DIY and doing stuff on the cheap. And yes. OSR stuff too. That means while I sat on my little butt and tried to keep the stress from making my brain go all Scanners. I got really far behind on a bunch of projects.
Any way share your little projects over there at Wrath of Zombie. Just do what ever you want. DIY. Then share it to the world. Like I said, I have a lot of stuff to catch up on. May is going to be an interesting month.

And Magazine

Some days, I really am amazed at the amount of stuff that is out there for OSR games. Between all the blogs, Dragonsfoot, various freebies around the web, and published material. This whole blog is about OSR stuff, DIY and El Cheap gaming. And what better to throw into the mix than a free fanzine!
& Magazine is nifty little fanzine set primarily for good old AD&D but heck the little tidbits will work with pretty much whatever retro-clone happens to suit your taste. I’ve read through most of the issues. It’s pretty standard fare. I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s just not crazy whacked out stuff like Lamentations of the Flame Princess or Dungeon Crawl Classics. It’s standard usable material. A handy map. A magic item. New monster. A little adventure and so on. Good tools to throw into your DM bag of tricks for later use. Use what you and leave the rest behind.
And not only do these folks put out a fanzine. They’ve also got some adventures and little supplements posted over there too. And if that ain’t enough, there’s Castle Triskelion. Their own “little” mega-dungeon coming soon. Heck, it’s free. Check it out.

Talislanta & Star Frontiers

Yes, I know this is old news but I figured I’d spread the word again. Free Games!
I played Star Frontiers once when it came out. I don’t remember much about it but my interest is renewed in old school that aren’t based the “World’s Most Popular Fantasy Game” plus I’ve space opera stuff bouncing around inside my head for last few days but more on that later. The most important things is that you can pick up the PDF’s of Star Frontiers over here for free. Plus check out the fanzine that is still going strong. It’s a solid system so just check it out.
The second game I want to mention is Talislanta. The creators have posted the entire library and it is a big one. I admit that I have never played Talislanta but still have fond memories of their “Still No Elves” ads. It’s a pretty interesting system and players of d20 based games shouldn’t have that much of problem learning it. The big thing and I mean the really big thing is the amount of races. There are a lot. Even if you don’t actually play or run it, there is enough material to be really inspiring. Fear not breaking the “Human, Elf, Halfling, Dwarf” mold. It’s OK to play fantasy without. Just at Talislanta.
So old news about free games. Check them out and play them. Enjoy them.

Race As Class?

Yeah, I may be opening up an age old debate here but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about. Race As Class. Love it or hate it?
I can see both sides of this debate. Not using Race as Class, let’s players have more freedom to play whatever they want. But Race as Class, definitely, gives non-human characters a more special feel other than being just funny looking humans. It makes them seem more different.
From a design stand point, it’s an OK starter to just have the “standard” Race as Class tweaks. Looking at you, Elf Fighter/Magic-User. But I think if carry this to logical conclusion. One of the best options would be to do a design that offers your standard quad of classes (Fighter, Magic-User, Cleric, and Thief) as specialized combinations for each non-human race. Even if you want to go with low hanging fruit, there might be easy way to do it. Just use the “advanced” classes (Ranger, Paladin, Monk, Druid) and make those specific Race as Class options. For example, there aren’t Human Druids in the world but all Elf “clerics” are Druids. Get the idea.?
Right now, this only a crazy thought bounding around inside my brain pan. But what the heck. Throw it out there and see what folks say.

The Completely Unofficial System Agnostic OSR Character Sheet

Yes, here you go. Just like the title says The Completely Unofficial System Agnostic Character Sheet. Experience what is like in the golden age of days past. Feel like you’re really there when Satan was around every corner and you had to hide the Player’s Handbook. Remember the first rule of D&D Club. Don’t talk about D&D Club. Find just what exactly it is all those damned grognards are talking about.
I present unto you the type of character sheet we used back then.
Have a great day. And be careful out there.

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