Xmas in Goodies

Yeah, I know I’ve been ranting about the Xmas in July sale. I just want to take a little moment and throw a little love at a couple of the really cool things I grabbed. Both from Goodman Games.
First there’s DCC Lankhmar: Through Ningauble’s Cave. It’s no secret that I really loved the Lankmar stories and the craziness that is Dungeon Crawl Classics. Putting these two together is like chocolate and peanut butter. This is the first product of more to come so it’s a little sparse but has a bunch of really neat inspirational stuff that you could use in just about any other OSR game. (and I don’t want to throw out any spoilers.) Big thumbs up. It’s not as useful as TSR’s old Lankmar: City of Adventure.
The other was Fifth Edition Fantasy: Fey Sisters Fate. It’s a solid first level adventure. New monsters, background, and a few magic items. Oh, OK. I admit this part isn’t so much about the adventure itself but yet another rant on where the hell is the license for Fifth Edition, WOTC? Not a word. Nothing. I happen to like Fifth Edition like many folks. I want to see more stuff available for it. It’s that simple. Yes, I remember the great d20 glut and don’t want to see that happen. But come on. You guys have teasing a license for way too long. Maybe something at Gencon. Throw us bone.

Petty Gods: A Cool OSR Product

I wish I had the time to contribute something to Petty Gods. There is so much that’s cool about this book. Not only a compendium of sorted and various rules dealing with deities but also a community project.
A group of people got together and made something cool. To that’s what gaming and the OSR is all about. Having fun, and making cool stuff and stories. There’s isn’t any real reason for me to really rant on this one other than say, “Go check it out!” It’s free on Drivethrurpg. It’s a cool addition to your gaming library.

Dollar Store Jenga Blocks

I had seen these at the local Dollar Tree before but didn’t pick them up. This time, I grabbed up a pack. Thirty-six little wooden blocks for a buck. Not bad.
This is one of those el cheapo DIY things that’s going to sit in back of my mind until I come up with something interesting to do with them. Even unpainted, they could doors, beds, or some other small bit of dungeon terrain.
Once again, I’ll go over my points for liking to use wood for these projects. Cost, weight, and durability. Wood just hits the sweet spot in all those categories. And generally, it really doesn’t take too many specialized tools to work with.
And as a final reminder. It’s back to school time. That means shopping for all sorts of office type supplies that you can use for your gaming.

Free RPG Day Swag!

Free RPG Day 2015
Free RPG Day was a blast. Grabbed up some cool goodies. Met some new people. Played with familiar people. Hung out at the FLGS all day. Ran some Dungeon Crawl Classics. All in all, a great time was had by all.
There some great things the players did during Portal Under The Stars. (That’s the DCC adventure I ran.) Most classic goes to “Maybe we blind the statue with meat.” and “Hey, maybe it we all run in different directions, we can escape!”
And special thanks to all who took advantage of my little sale at Drivethrurpg. Thanks, folks!
Now keep those dice a rolling.

Outer Space Raiders: Aliens Creatures & Foes

It was a busy weekend but here you go.
Over twenty monsters for your old school space opera campaigns. From the bizarre Pulsarites to the deadly Warp Beasts. Brave an encounter with the reality altering Quantum Ooze! Escape the clutches of the Radioactive Lust Vampires! And just because you’re inside a space ship, it doesn’t mean you’re safe from the Cosmic Behemoth or the Star Kraken.

Plus a random Bug-Eyed Monster generator and three new starships.

Compatible with White Star: White Box Science Fiction Rolelpaying by Barrel Rider Games.

Available at RPGNOW

Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!

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