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3D6: We Meet A What?

It’s been a while since I did a set of 3d6 tables so here’s one for a really odd encounter..

You meet a
1 Friendly
2 Angry
3 Hungry
4 Amorous
5 Desperate
6 Curious

1 Wandering Minstrel
2 Traveling Merchant
3 Rumor Monger
4 Vagabond
5 Con Artist
6 Gambler

Who is a
1 A Giant Talking Rabbit
2 An Intelligent Zombie
3 A Floating Brain
4 A Mushroom Man
5 A Talking Dog
6 A Smiling Cat

3d6: What’s the Goblin’s (or Halfling’s) Name?

Another quick and dirty 3d6 table for some gaming inspiration. Coming up with those silly goblin names while you’re sleep deprived and pretty sure that the party is going to kill the little sucker any way. So since it’s been a while, here’s a little recap. Like those old school games, just roll 3d6 and put the pieces together.

1. Fuzzy
2. Curly
3. Itchy
4. Stinky
5. Crusty
6. Slimey

1. Butt
2. Finger
3. Toes
4. Tooth
5. Nose
6. Mouth

1. Licker
2. Picker
3. Kisser
4. Nibbler
5. Cutter
6. Wiper

Or heck, if the players are lazy about naming their characters. Roll for them. Ah, the epic tale of Sir Fuzz Butt Nibbler the Paladin.

3D6: Object D’art

Adventurers love loot. So here’s another table for more loot.

What is it?
1. Ring
2. Cameo
3. Belt Buckle
4. Torc
5. Mosaic
6. Triptych

What’s it made from?
1. Wood
2. Bronze
3. Jade
4. Ivory
5. Gold
6. Unknown Alien Metal

What’s it depict?
1. A Hunting Scene
2. A Marriage
3. The Rise of a Great Leader
4. Religious Ceremony
5. Epic Battle
6. Ancient Fertility Rite

How much is it worth? Multiply the numbers rolled on each die times 10 gold pieces.

3d6: Weird Laws

Here’s another 3d6 table to mess with the player characters. Because there’s always some crazy law out there.

1. Elves
2. Dwarves
3. Halflings
4. Bards
5. Clerics
6. Magic-Users

1. must wear a cow bell.
2. must wear a chastity belt.
3. must wear a very large hat.
4. must carry a large banner.
5. must wear a pink tutu.
6. must shave their heads.

1. 3d6 hours in the stocks.
2. Thrown in jail for 1d4 days.
3. Pay a 3d6 x 10 GP fine.
4. Be tarred and feathered.
5. Clean all the privies in the town.
6. Death.

3d6: The Prophecies

Everybody loves a good (or bad prophesy). It can be a big red herring or the linchpin to an entire campaign. Or just may need one to throw out the and see what happens. Here you and remember 3d6 in order is all you need.

Table A
1: The Dead
2: A Child
3: A King
4: A God
5: A Hero
6: An Ancient Evil

Table B
1: Will Plunge The World Into Darkness
2: Will Slay A God
3: Will Open The Gates Of Hell
4: Will Drain Magic From The Land
5: Will Enslave The World
6: Will Free An Enslaved People

Table C
1: And The World Will Die.
2: And A Demon Shall Rule The World.
6: And A New Land Will Rise From The Sea.
4: And The Wicked Shall Be Judged.
5: And A Plague Will Spread Across The Land.
6: And The Land Will Be Barren.

More of these little gems are on the way.