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What’s up with Stuff?

Yeah, I’ve been crazy busy with work, mundane life, and just trying to get stuff done. Blog posts have been pretty slow in coming and I haven’t made as much progress as I would like but here’s what’s up.
Durth: Still working. I’ve re-written the Wasteland Barbarian and the Super Science Sorcerer . The Mutant is coming along oh so slowly. Plus I’ve added a few other interesting races. The monsters section is mostly done and then there’s some more fluff, and suggestions for GM’s.
Dungeon Crawl Classics: I’ve been running 5e at the FLGS and I asked the group if they wanted to do anything different after the current adventure/story arch is done. I offhandedly suggested DCC. One player bounced around like a puppy. So yeah. I’ll be running that. So expect to see some custom classes pop here on the old blog.
Till next time. Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. Have Fun.

Durth: A General Update

Work continues on Durth. Slowly. Still working out the kinks of the new day job’s schedule and as a bonus I tried to cut off the end of one of my fingers so typing isn’t as fast as it used to be. But that will heal and I’ll get back into the swing of things sometime soon. So this week, I’m ranting about how the whole project is going in general.
I’m still pounding away at a couple of the new classes; The Mutant and The Super Science Sorcerer. These two have to be special and cool and feel like some other class reskinned but still familiar and easy to play. Speaking of Super Science, I’m working the simple and hopefully fun system for that. It’ll seem familiar to lots of folks but still cool. And monsters. There’s about two dozen now. Some may end up else where while others maybe added later. So we shall see on that. And then there’s all the world fluff. This part is coming slowly. Pages of random notes. Things edited out or rewritten just because they weren’t good enough. But hey, it’s like that.
While I was writing this last weekend, I played around with some other systems that could be used with Durth. I don’t want to say too much now, but we’ll see where my muse and the winds of fate take me on that path.

Durth: Lord Skullmancer and The Skelenoids

Remember Not Skeletor. If you go back to early posts on Durth, crazy Saturday morning cartoons are one of the inspirations. The two biggest ones are Thundarr the Barbarian and He-Man. This leads us to our first epic villain, Lord Skullmancer.
Lord Skullmancer is an insane and powerful lich, necromancer and super science sorcerer. He rules the Dead Realm from Black Skull Mountain Fortress (carved in his own likeness by slaves) with his army of Skelenoids. He’s always messing around with some forbidden arcane tome or an insane bit of alien technology. Or to put it more simply he’s lich with freaking laser beams.

Skelenoid Grunt
Armor Class: 6[13]
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: Laser-Staff (1d6+1) Range 60 feet can also be used in melee
Total Attack Bonus: +2
Saving Throw: 16
Move: 12
HDE/XP: 3/60
Special: Immune to poison, illusions, fear, charm, and mind control.

The shock troops and minions of Lord Skullmancer.

The Dead Realm is blasted, twisted, and barren. An eternal storm keeps the land is state of twilight constantly. No living creature calls the Dead Realm home. This is the land of the restless dead.
Special Rules for the Dead Realm:
Clerics cannot Turn Undead here.
Any character who dies cannot be brought back. Instead they are turned into an undead. The GM determines what type based on the character’s level. Low-level characters should be zombies. Higher level should be more powerful undead.

The Elves of Durth

Here’s another post on Durth. This time the Elves. While Durth isn’t your standard fantasy world, I wanted to keep the standard races but make them a little different and since they’re Elves they should feel a little alien (without changing them mechanically). That way GM’s can easily use whatever rules they want.
The Elves of Durth make their home on the 13th Moon where they use their arcane talents to create ornate castles from the living stone found there. Elves who are found on the surface of Durth are usually exiles, fugitives, or explorers. Most Elves never set foot on the surface of Durth voluntarily.
It is easy to tell the difference between Elves who willingly travel to the surface of Durth and those who are exiled. Exiles have all their fingers. The elves believe that to maintain a connection to their natural arcane abilities, they must have a physical connection to their home. Since their home isn’t even on this planet technically, they have to leave part of themselves there. Most travelers and explorers will sever the little finger of their left hand before they travel to the surface and leave the finger in a specially prepared shrine in the Elven city. Exiles have been know to sever their own fingers in an attempt not to look like an exile.
And for those of you who passed the reading comprehension part this test, yes, Durth has 13 moons. But more about them later.

The Dwarves of Durth

Doing my best to stay on top of things folks. Let’s recap. I’ve ranted about Durth. Gave an overview. Showed the first of the new classes. It’s time to mess with one of the standard races. I know I’m going to have to say this a thousand times. Everything is a suggestion. Do stuff how you want. I really didn’t want to change any of the game mechanics surrounding the usual races but I wanted to mess around with them bit. So here’s the suggested Dwarves of Durth and little bit about the land they come from.
The Dwarves were once a race of mighty warriors and skilled craftsmen. Now they are a twisted and degenerate species. When the world was torn apart, the great Dwarven cities were turned into tombs. A few Dwarves attempted to dig their way out and came across the gigantic body of a mad sleeping god. The Dwarves were starving and saw when they cut its flesh; the god would heal but it was also nourishing. They built their new city around and inside the body of their new god.
The Dwarves of Durth can only eat meat. Eating vegetable matter makes them sick causing them to burp, belch, and have other lower intestinal problems. But for some reason they can still drink ale and beer without any additional side effects.
One of the Dwarven delicacies is the infamous Dwarven god jerky. The Dwarves quickly learned that they ate their god faster than it could regenerate. The solution became to feed small amounts of the divine flesh to animals. These animals were driven mad, strangely mutated, but tasted delicious (to the Dwarves, anyway).
The Dwarves have made their home in The Land of the Mad Dreamer. IT is a is a warped and twisted region. The flora and fauna have been mutated nearly beyond recognition. The water is foul and putrid. The land itself gently heaves slowly in rhythm with the breathing of an ancient sleeping god. The Mad Dreamer’s presence has warped reality in the region. Arcane magics become even more wild and unpredictable while Clerics are unable to call on the power of their gods. Those attuned to nature quickly go mad in the domain of the Mad Dreamer.