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Death Stalkers of Antediluvia for Barbaric!

I was going to post this next week but things have coming together pretty darned quickly on this so I figured why not post about it now?

Let’s face it. Barbaric! has been come a new favorite for lots of folks, me included. There have been lots of posts in the blogosphere and slowly additional products are being added on DrivethruRPG. So it was pretty natural for me to throw my hat into the fray.

It’s no secret that I love pulpy action-packed sword & sorcery stuff and that’s the direction I’m going. Death Stalkers of Antediluvia has optional character generation, combat, and magic rules. I’ve tried to make these optional rules as modular as possible so GM’s can use some, none, or all of them. Plus, there’s new Traits, Combat Moves, Spells, and Monsters.

Astute readers will say, “Hey, didn’t you just do a game like that?” Yes, I did. While Death Stalkers does have some of the same monsters and spells, I really don’t intend it to be a conversion of Forgotten Tales. There are mechanics and options that are in Death Stalkers that aren’t in Forgotten Tales and vice versa. Each game has it’s own tone and feel based on their own game mechanics but they share a lot mainly when it comes to background.

The long term goal is that any adventures will have a version for Death Stalkers and a version for Forgotten Tales. The same goes for the planned setting book for the World of Antediluvia.

So stay tuned. This one should be coming out soon!

Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery: Future Plans

Thanks everyone for all their support. I ain’t done yet. So I figured I would give a little update and some future plans.

First, the PDF has been updated on DrivethruRPG. There a couple typos and some format errors. Those were taken care of. Of course, as luck would have it, I had already ordered a proof from Lulu. So some of those mistakes are going to be there when it hits the old mail box. But then I’ve never had a proof come out right the first time. So it will be a couple more weeks before there’s a POD version.

Now, what’s in store for the future? Well, I’ve got notes together for the first supplement and a couple of adventures. Go me! The supplement will be mainly more classes. Trust me. And well, who doesn’t love adventures. Those will follow. I don’t have any time line yet but as things get closer to completion, I’ll post more information. Same thing on the adventures, as they get close to completion, I’ll post more info about them.

Another thing that I’ve been playing around with is an “official” setting. Yes, I do have some notes but I’m not yet that excited about it. I don’t want it to be a “here’s where everything is, and who’s around” type setting. I want to be inspirational and a bit more of tool box than just a really long stream of fluff text that I’ve seen too often in many settings.

And there’s one more idea bouncing around inside my head. I don’t want to say too much yet. (Yes, I’m teasing here.) It’s just an idea and I need to kick it around a bit more and see. Trust me. If it comes together, you’ll hear about it here.

And that’s enough self promo for one post.

Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery

Dust off those VHS tapes, break out the old comics, and hang that poster on the wall. Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery is over-the-top heroes and not a bit of practical armor in sight. It’s dramatic sword fights and evil magic. It’s hacking apart cosmic horrors.
Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery uses the “White Box” rules as its core with additional information from the supplements plus many options to customize the game to your taste . Any one familiar with old-school games should find all of the concepts easy to follow.

Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery is available on DrivethruRPG. A character is also available on Drivethru or you can download it here.

Stay tuned to this post and the blog for news and announcements about future projects.

Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery: Almost There!

Work is almost done! I’m expecting that maybe there should the release this weekend or early next week. Whew!

Let me start out with a little recap. Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery is a game of cinematic sword & sorcery action based around the familiar White Box rules. I couldn’t just leave well enough alone so there’s plenty of options if a GM wants something to use later versions of the rules. So yes. It’s a stand alone game and you can easily use things designed for most old school games. And for the final preview. Here’s the initial mock up of the cover. It may change a little but here you go.

This last sprint is really kind of trying because I have about half a dozen ideas bouncing around inside my head. But I’ll rant about those later. For now, it’s nose back to that old grind stone. Thanks for following along this and more fun is to come.