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White Box Wednesday: Reimagined Thief

I bounced this idea for quite a while. And I eluded to these ideas more than once on the blog. I figured it was time to put pen to paper and finally do it.

I admit that I like thieves. I also like White Box FMAG. It makes the Thief really simple by having just one Thief Skill. Personally, I thought that was really too streamlined. So I broke it down into three skills: Thievery (Stealth, Locks & Traps, Climbing), Skullduggery (Disguise, Deception, Picking Pockets, and Streetwise), and Assassinate (Poisons and Back Stab). At character generation decide which is the character’s Primary Skill, Secondary Skill and Tertiary Skill. This determines which the character is best at and how they progress as the character levels up.

So here’s a little PDF of it. Enjoy.

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White Box Wednesday: Delving Deeper Companion

Let me say again that it’s hard find new things coming out for White Box style play. I, for one, really like it. But onto this week’s rant.

Delving Deeper is another of the White Box clones that can fold into an existing game. It’s got a cool take on the rules and you can see my previous rant about it here. And I just heard about a Companion.

This is really great resource with extra rules, rules clarifications, more spells, handy tools for your campaign, more classes, and just down right useful material. Heck, there’s a bunch of stuff you could use in other styles of old school games. There’s some nice material in there to add to your GM notebook. I’m not going to do a long rant about this one because it’s free. So it’s well worth checking out over at Immersive Ink.

Thanks for stopping by the blog. And yes, I know this is a really short post.

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Magic Eater for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Peter, Peter, Magic Eater. It’s been a while since I did a review of something for Lamentations of the Flame Princess. And one of my goals was to write more about it this year. So here you go.

So I grabbed up this little adventure because it actually looked pretty interesting to me. And it is. I like it. Here’s the elevator pitch along with the primary adventure hook. Somebody steals the party’s magic items and chaos follows. What kind of chaos? You see there’s this cult that has some guy in a basement. And he eats magic items and then has magic poop. Yes, that’s it. It’s got a good and nasty dungeon crawl. Get ready for encounters and traps, folks. And the final fight with the Magic Eater will be chaotic and extremely challenging one. So, all in all, a good adventure for Lamentations. It falls right up my alley.

But wait there’s more. Magic Eater feels prime for Dick & Fart Jokes. So, the Magic Eater is the fart joke. And we have a bonus encounter that’s the dick joke. Another Rough Night at the Dog & Bastard is pretty simple and requires the PC to interact with the NPC’s. That’s what it’s all about. No dungeon. Just the crazy interaction between the NPC’s. Oh and there’s a sex cult that could cause some interesting problems.

Magic Easter is written and illustrated by Kelvin Green. I know some folks don’t like his writing style and his inside jokes within an adventure. But personally, I love it. It’s better than a wall of text.

So go check out Magic Easter at DrivethruRPG or on the LOTFP Webstore.

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White Box Wednesday: Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery 2nd Edition

Yes, I know. I missed last week. I was busy with the day job and working on this. Besides, I can use my own blog for a little self promotion.

This is one of my best sellers on DrivethruRPG and I was well along to finally getting around to writing a fun a little supplement. And then the whole OGL drama hit. That threw everything into chaos for everybody. Well, I stepped back and started thinking about what to do.

I decided to step back and redesign the game to be OGL free. That also means that I can do bunch of updates and refinements that I think make the game work more smoothly. And remember those classes? Well, those are going to get added in. And I’m adding a bunch more detail on the implied setting. Right now, I’ve roughly doubled the page count. And yes. It still will be compatible and inspired by White Box play. And I might take a few other liberties along the way including some updated art.

The original edition of Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery will remain available in PDF on DrivethruRPG and POD on Lulu. That is unless the OGL gets revoked. Then that will a whole other ball of wax.

So this is the initial announcement. I’ll make many more as the project gets nearer to release and I go on a crazy marketing binge. If you want to see some behind the scenes rants and other craziness then join the RPG Pig Pen Locals community.

White Box Wednesday: Swords & Wizardry Continual Light

How the hell did I not rant about this before? I thought I had but I hadn’t. Sure I have mentioned it before as a good edition to your White Box Library but I haven’t said much on it’s own merits. So here you go.

Continual Light takes the already easy mechanics of Swords & Wizardry White Box/Whit Box FMAG and distills them even more. Yes, It’s even simpler. It doesn’t go quite to the level of what I would call a rules light game. And while distilled down, is still compatible with any existing adventure.

I think some of the best parts is that instead of the just one Skill for the Thief, there’s four (Hear Noises, Climb, Unfamiliar Languages, and Traps/Locks/Stealth). The other really good part is the “other’ classes. You know the one’s; everything beyond the basic four. Instead of a building a whole new class for extra page count. It’s boiled down to a couple of sentences and swaps out one class ability for a “new” one or gain a whole new ability. Of course, these classes take longer level up but it’s a quick and easy way to do things.

Dare I also say that this makes a darn good starter game. And rumor is that a second edition is coming out. Well, last I heard. Not so much a revision of the rules but some clean up, new art, and edits.

It’s worth checking out on DrivethruRPG.

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