OSR Anchorites & Other Podcasts

Anchor.fm has become the new love child of the OSR. It’s an easy way to do quick podcasts so folks (like me) how wouldn’t think about it are jumping in. Most are available through your favorite podcast app or just go to Anchor.fm and listen on line or grab that app. Here’s a list of some of them (in no particular order). This list might not be complete and I’ll add some notes to each later on. I try to keep this update so there may be errors now and them.

JB Publishing Site Link: JB Publishing
Random Screed Site Link: Hobbs & Friends of the OSR
The Squirrel Speaks Site Link:Halfings Luck
Gothridge Manor Site Link: Gothridge Manor
Tavern Chat Site Link: Tenkar’s Tavern
Frank T’s Liner Notes Site Link: Frank T’s Patreon
Dice Roll Zine Ramblecast Site Link: The Borderlands
Playing It Wrong Well, you’re here already. That’s me.
Gilligan’s Island of ADD Site Link: 3 Toadstools Publishing
The Vanishing Tower Site Link: The Vanishing Tower
Spikepit Not yet but Colin needs to!
Matt Random Site Link: http://www.msjx.org/
Radio Grognard Site Link: Old Man Grognard with DM Glen
Glynn Seal (Monkey Blood Design) Site Link: Monkey Blood Design
Follow Me and Die! Site Link: Follow Me & Die!
Red Dice Diaries Site Link: Red Dice Diaries
DM Dad Site Link: DM Dad
Goblin Stomper Site Link: Goblin Stomper Blog
The Omega 3D Chicken Coop
The Dice Are Screaming Site: The Dice Are Screaming
Cockatrice Nuggets Blog: Slacker Nerds
Tales of Valor & Sorcery Old Blog: Wampus Country
Plunder Grounds. Site: Plunder Grounds
No Save for You
Chaos Grenade Site: Chaos Grenade
Joethelawyer’s Not-So-Wondrous Imaginings Site: Wondrous Imagings
The Megadungeon Site: The Megadungeon
Dungeon Musings
Dreaming About Dragons
Thought Eater Site: Thought Eater
Roleplay Rescue Site: Ubiquitous Rat
More Podcasts
Helmets and Halberds: Check download the episodes and some PDF’s on the site.
Joe the Lawyer Site: Joethelawyer’s Not So Wondrous Imaginings
The Old Sword Podcast, Site: Sycarion Diversions
I’d Rather Be Killing Monsters, Site: Hero Press
The Yawning Owlbear
Dungeon Masters Handbook Site: The Dungeon Masters Handbook

Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!

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