White Box Wednesday: The Future?

I was going to write something else this week. You know a rant about Cleric spells. Instead, it’s about the whole OGL mess and wild guesses about the future.

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Let’s start with some bad news. It’s a long time since I’ve seen anything from Seattle Hill Games of White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game. So I’ve no idea what may happen to that. From what I’ve seen other publishers are keeping their eyes open and just planning at this stage.

There is some good news. Matt Finch of Swords & Wizardry did a live stream last week. Swords & Wizardry is getting scrubbed of OGL content. They are doing the Complete version first and then going on to Core and White Box.

And now for that selfish part. I don’t for sure what I’m going end up doing with the stuff I’ve published. Most of it is for White Box style play. There’s all the stuff for White Star that I might have to rewrite. The stuff for Barbaric! just might need to swap out licenses. And there’s the stand alone stuff. I don’t know what’s going to happen to that. I had all sorts of plans to write new stuff this year not rewrite stuff from years ago.

So there are some glimmers of hop in the future. Let’s hang on and make it through yet another year of crazy.

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5 thoughts on “White Box Wednesday: The Future?”

  1. In the White Box Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game group on Facebook, the following was posted on 1/11/23 (truncated to essentials):

    Lonnie C. Baker
    So in his live stream just now, Matt Finch revealed that Swords and Wizardry will be creating their own OGL. I wonder how this will affect WBFMAG. The logical thing to do seems like piggy backing on the new S&W OGL (since WBFMAG is just S&W White Box repackaged anyway).

    Charlie Mason
    I’m unclear on how that would work. He is removing OGL/SRD from SW Complete then releasing license. So, would I then have to comb thru FMAG and remove All SRD content as well to use the license?
    Anyways, he also said doing a new version of S&W WB was in his plan, if he does that, as I’ve said before in other places, I may take FMAG down.

    Charlie Mason
    Just to be clear, I said “may” take it down. I’m uncertain what I would do. I made FMAG because S&W WB used to have some pretty sweet versions available, then things happened and they were all changed/removed. Then the 3rd printing was released and it looked worse than all the previous versions and it was left as an afterthought on Lulu. All the focus was on Complete (under Frog God Games) and then Core.
    So, if S&W WB were to FINALLY receive a nice, new edition, the reason I made FMAG in the first place is no longer relevant. They are essentially the same game. I added a mix of things to it (from other awesome OGL sources), but not a lot. I can’t remember all the details at the moment. But either way, it’s not set in stone. I’m feeling my way through this situation just like everyone else.

    Charlie Mason
    One more thing: before I even get to this point, I may (most likely) have to take the book down because of the new OGL. So, get your copies now.


  2. Whitebox:FMAG is VERY much alive and well. Our local gaming club has 20 current active members for our weekly games and Campaigns that have been running for 5+ years.

    Check us out at: https://orderofthecrimsondeath.blogspot.com/

    Membership gets each member a print copy, a t-shirt and at cost print versions of the adventures and supplements we release for club members. Whitebox Lives!!

    Happy Gaming.


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