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Patreon, Locals & A Kickstarter (Not Mine)

It’s Friday so here’s a little bit of self promotion.

I posted a little tiny preview of something coming up on the blog in both my Patreon and Locals. Yes, it is behind the paywall on Patreon. Remember, I’m basically using it as a tip jar. Locals is free to sign up and not behind a paywall yet. There may be some plans for that in the future but I really want to grow the Locals community more since there’s a few easy bells & whistles that Patreon doesn’t have.

Now onto that Kickstarter. I don’t shill these very often but I’m feeling good about this one. You may have noticed that I’ve gotten back into the whole mini’s and terrain thing so I’ve been on the look out for decently priced and interesting US made and shipped mini’s. And I stumbled upon Tomb Guardians Miniatures. I order four resin mini’s last week and just got them. Heck, I haven’t even had time to prime and assemble yet.

I picked up the Skeletal Tomb Guardian, the Vampire Queen, the female Vampire Mage, and the Hobgoblin Wizard. First, let me say great customer service. They to swap out the metal Hobgoblin for the resin version. I didn’t notice until later that they had actually called me first. Yeah, if I don’t recognize a number I usually don’t answer. The mini’s are clean prints and have decent details. They are on the same scale as the Wizkids minis so they are a bit smaller than some of Reaper mini’s. No biggie but the arms are a bit “spindly”. I’m sort of person that paints mini’s to be used at the table so they may be a bit delicate. But overall I’m pleased and it was a good buy.

Now onto that Kickstarter. Tomb Guardians has Kickstarter and there’s some decent prices. Most importantly, I saw these Evil Cultists and said that I just must have these.

Alright, let’s have a great gaming weekend out there. Roll dice and have fun!

Taking Care of Business-Friday!

I noticed that I’ve started doing sort of a pattern of posting on the good old blog. So I’ve decided to embrace it! Monday and Tuesday are for general stuff. Wednesday is for White Box. Thursday is for DIY crafting and el cheapo gaming. So Fridays are for self promotion.

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Of course, this also depends if I have something worth sharing on those topics. There might not be a post on every day.

So what’s up?

The big D&D sale is still going on at DrivethruRPG and we got stuff there.

Gary Vs The Monsters, my White Box RPG of schlocky horror, is now Itchio too.

I’ve updated the Tiers and Goals on Patreon. Why? Because right now it works best as revolving Tip Jar for me. If Patrons start to accumulate then I’ll revisit neat stuff for them.

I’m also working on getting the Locals Community going. To put it bluntly, there’s some extra options that have been added since I first joined and I’m start to like it. So go ahead check that out and see where that leads.

And I’ve got a few other projects that I’m juggling. Stay tuned for those.

You’re still reading. It’s Friday. Head out to that weekend and roll some dice and have fun! Thanks for stopping by and checking things out.

Patreon VS Locals, Odysee Vs Youtube etc

What do do? I have had some craziness in life recently and I really started thinking. I know you’re expecting gaming content here. Well, this is about delivering more content and keeping the good old blog afloat.

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My goal is not create a second income. Sure it would be nice but I want to be realistic. I’m very niche in what I post and what I like. I’d just like to set the reasonable goal of covering the costs of web hosting and occasionally buying some RPG product that I might not otherwise for a review. Nothing super spectacular there. So what to do?

I already have Patreon and Locals pages. There are pro’s and cons for each. Patreon is more popular and many folks are more comfortable with it. Locals does have a few more features available like native live streaming. It’s my personal feeling that Locals is much better than Patreon when it comes to building a community. Patreon feels much like building a virtual storefront or subscription service.

Of course, going a long with this thought process is video. Yes, I started a Youtube channel a long time ago and the pandemic blew things a part and I haven’t uploaded anything in a couple of years. But a lot of things have changed. It does take a bit of extra effort to do a decent video and I was just thinking is Youtube really worth my time as a primary video hosting solution? There’s a huge sound to noise ratio on Youtube. There’s just so many folks on there. It’s good but let’s face it, half of your task as a Youtube creator is working the algorithm and the other half is trying to keep up with what Google decides is the community standards of the day. I have plans of going of the deep end but heck if I want I should have some choice in the matter. Plus Youtube has made it even more difficult to reach that golden point of being noticed and maybe making a few cents off your work.

I’ve looked around at various alternatives and there really aren’t that many. I’m leaning towards Odysee. Sure there are a bunch of crack pots on there. But so are there on Youtube. And I suppose I could just use Youtube as back up for the Odysee videos and see what happens. As mentioned earlier, yes there are more people who use Youtube but there are so many and with Google’s algorithm the chance of someone finding it are about the same.

I did do a little experiment last year. I stopped sharing blog posts to Facebook. Yes, the blog does have a Facebook page that still gets auto posts. But I was also cross posting to a few fo the more popular Facebook group. I stopped doing that and just started posting on MeWe. Guess what? It didn’t affect the blog’s traffic. I had fewer pissy comments. And what’s even more interesting, blog traffic has actually gone up this year.

So with all those thoughts, what’s your opinion? What’s your experience? Or any other thoughts?

Now on

Well, if you stopped by the other day you may noticed this in the side bar. But here it is. Yep, joined and started posting projects on You can check out and follow us there.

I know there isn’t that much “new” material there. But that is coming soon. Working on a couple of little cool projects so we’ll see how those turn out and soon I can them done.

I lute the bodies!

Til then roll some dice and have some fun!

OSR Supplement Jam on

I’ve thought about trying my luck and putting up a few PDF’s on And well. Now seems like a great time.

Maybe you’ve heard or may be you haven’t. There’s an OSR Jam happening on So in case you don’t know what the heck is. Well, it’s a simple sales platform originally for computer games but it’s grown to include more stuff. You know like table top RPG stuff. That’s why you’re here, right?

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So what the heck is an jam? Basically, a bunch of creators just start making stuff. We’re not talk huge projects. Small and simple things. And there’s usually some sort of theme. The one I’m talking about here is for OSR supplements. Not a game. Just some little supplement to support whatever OSR game you want.

So go ahead and check it out and follow along. Want to try your hand at making a little PDF. Go ahead. Join the fun. I’ve plenty of partially used notes cluttering up the old hard drive. It’s time to let some of that stuff out into the wild. So stayed tuned and see what I manage to cobble together. It’s real easy to create an account. Heck, even I managed to do it.

Let’s have some fun out there. You know roll the dice and kill the monsters.