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Taking Care of Business-Friday!

I noticed that I’ve started doing sort of a pattern of posting on the good old blog. So I’ve decided to embrace it! Monday and Tuesday are for general stuff. Wednesday is for White Box. Thursday is for DIY crafting and el cheapo gaming. So Fridays are for self promotion.

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Of course, this also depends if I have something worth sharing on those topics. There might not be a post on every day.

So what’s up?

The big D&D sale is still going on at DrivethruRPG and we got stuff there.

Gary Vs The Monsters, my White Box RPG of schlocky horror, is now Itchio too.

I’ve updated the Tiers and Goals on Patreon. Why? Because right now it works best as revolving Tip Jar for me. If Patrons start to accumulate then I’ll revisit neat stuff for them.

I’m also working on getting the Locals Community going. To put it bluntly, there’s some extra options that have been added since I first joined and I’m start to like it. So go ahead check that out and see where that leads.

And I’ve got a few other projects that I’m juggling. Stay tuned for those.

You’re still reading. It’s Friday. Head out to that weekend and roll some dice and have fun! Thanks for stopping by and checking things out.

White Box Wednesday: Skills and Such

White Box gaming is great. It’s easy, simple, but still covers the bases and is flexible. I know some folks hate skills. I kind of like them but in moderation. Just enough skills to cover the most common of situations but not a skill for every danged possible thing.

God knows that I’ve done my own share of hacks on White Box and the good old X in d6 system. It works. It’s easy. And keeps with the vibe of White Box Gaming. And like I said, I don’t want a lot of skills. Most actions can be resolved with simple Attribute checks.

First let’s look at what skills that are really needed and/or used. There’s two main classes that have their sort of niche skills. There’s the core Thief with their suite of skills. And the Ranger for the tracking and survival. But let’s face it there a couple of things with those two classes that every character might want or need to do.

Stealth is big one. Just about every character regardless of class will at some time want or need to sneak up or passed something or someone. It’s the same for foraging for food in the wilderness. The other thing is Professional skills. These things might not have a direct effect often but they do come in handy when the needs arises.

The main problem I’ve had running this with just Attribute checks is that low levels a character’s Attribute check might actually be better than their actual class “skill”. So where does that leave us? At first, we might want to divest Skills from Attributes but the Attributes represent a characters base aptitude.

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So how am I going to build this system? First, let’s start with x in d6 Attribute checks. Since White Box has a modifier range of -1 to +1, let’s run with that: -1=1 in 6; 0=2 in 6; +1=3 ind 6. Now just right down on your character what the character is “good” at or possibly a background. When some falls into that category then they get a +1. If it’s something that falls under their class skills then just use the better.

This ain’t all. While the X in d6 is sort of the standard for White Box. There’s no reason not to use an alternate system. This first that comes to mind is Saves as Skills. Pretty simple. Just use the Saving Throw. Thieves, well, they get +2 to do Thief stuff. The Save will improve as the character levels so there’s no need to worry about anything else. Want to throw in those Attribute modifiers. No problem. Just go ahead and do it.

I know this isn’t completely fleshed out. My goal here is to get you thinking out there. My hacking those rules just a bit to fit your tastes. Or thinking of different ways to have fun in your game. And that’s the most important part. Having fun.

Now on

Well, if you stopped by the other day you may noticed this in the side bar. But here it is. Yep, joined and started posting projects on You can check out and follow us there.

I know there isn’t that much “new” material there. But that is coming soon. Working on a couple of little cool projects so we’ll see how those turn out and soon I can them done.

I lute the bodies!

Til then roll some dice and have some fun!

OSR Supplement Jam on

I’ve thought about trying my luck and putting up a few PDF’s on And well. Now seems like a great time.

Maybe you’ve heard or may be you haven’t. There’s an OSR Jam happening on So in case you don’t know what the heck is. Well, it’s a simple sales platform originally for computer games but it’s grown to include more stuff. You know like table top RPG stuff. That’s why you’re here, right?

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So what the heck is an jam? Basically, a bunch of creators just start making stuff. We’re not talk huge projects. Small and simple things. And there’s usually some sort of theme. The one I’m talking about here is for OSR supplements. Not a game. Just some little supplement to support whatever OSR game you want.

So go ahead and check it out and follow along. Want to try your hand at making a little PDF. Go ahead. Join the fun. I’ve plenty of partially used notes cluttering up the old hard drive. It’s time to let some of that stuff out into the wild. So stayed tuned and see what I manage to cobble together. It’s real easy to create an account. Heck, even I managed to do it.

Let’s have some fun out there. You know roll the dice and kill the monsters.

The Future of Patreon, YARC, and more

II admit that I haven’t pushed or done much with my Patreon the last few months. And I know I’ve complained about the sales tax thing. But it’s time to get over myself and dive back in.

I’ve been looking at all sorts of alternatives to Patreon and just didn’t quite anything that I liked or felt 100% comfortable with. So let’s relaunch this bad boy.

So what the hell does that have to do with YARC? Well, I have been asked if I’m going to publish it and I thought about it. And the answer is Yes and No. Right now, we’re kicking the tires and play testing and tweaking ideas. But so much of it really isn’t hard, crunchy rules. Here’s what I’ve come up with. The big plan is to do a “Basic” version that’s very much the kissing cousin of the good Basic Editions of D&D and put that up on Drivethru. The more “advanced” and crazy bits will end up on Patreon.

This doesn’t mean that YARC will be the only thing on the Patreon. I’ve got crazy stuff that didn’t make the blog. Stuff that I’ve redone from the blog. That stuff will go there to.

I’m still going to play around on Locals too. While there differences, I might have to adjust a few things. We shall see.

And while I’m not sold on restarting the Playing It Wrong Podcast. I’ve thinking about doing the occasional video as well. For that, you really need to thank Joe the Lawyer.

Just like with Patreon. I looked for a good alternative. Nothing seemed to fit the bill. Now, I may use Odysee or Rumble as a back up, I don’t know. But I know I do need to reshoot an intro video. So we’ll see what happens on that.

So what do think guys? Start up doing videos again? Keep pounding the pavement with Patreon?

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