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Just some house rules that I made up.

Blighted Krevborna: Session 1

Our little group kicked off the Blighted Krevborna campaign. So setting wise I’ve kit bashed The Blight by Frog God Games and Krevborna by Dolorous Exhumation Press. The primary chassis of the rules is Deathbringer with other mechanics from Index Card RPG and Shadowdark.

Let’s start off with the characters because that’s the main thing that we did.

Millianna (Grimscribe) A former nun who found an ancient tome and discovered magic is a quicker path to power than prayer. She fled the church after her blackmail plot against one of her superiors went south in the process she incurred a large debt to a crime lord.

Then there’s Stryn (Deathbringer). He’s on the run from the law for allegedly murdering his father. The law and his siblings aren’t too happy about it.

Highlights of the session:

After a roadside ambush, Stryn will now be known as “Righty” since a Chaos Cannibal Mutant gnawed off his left hand. This left the party really banged up and not a healer in group. It’s Deathbringer so that healing is really slow.

Most exciting encounter was the fight with headless zombies atop a speed coach. Zombies jump on the coach. Characters barely hanging on. It was fun and exciting.

I’m not going to write really long session summaries with every detail. But here’s a bit of analysis of the mechanics. Get ICRPG. That really kept the game moving. Get Deathbring too. You have fast simple character generation and some ready made random tables for a grim back story. And, of course, I did use some house rules on it too.

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2022: The Year That Was. 2023: Hang On To Your Dice

Like everybody else, it’s time to do that retrospective and dream about plans for the New Year.

2022: The Year That Was

There’s a lot that went on behind scenes here. First and foremost the blog had great year. About half way through the year, I stopped posting to RPG Facebook Groups just to see what would happen. Basically, I learned that it was pointless. Not only did the traffic here not decrease. It actually increased. The blog ended up with twice the traffic in 2022 than it had in 2021. I still do cross post to the blog’s Facebook page and you can follow it of there if you wish.

And speaking of social media, I deactivated my old Twitter account because the place pretty much turned into a cesspool and like Facebook, it really wasn’t doing anything other than taking up time. But then with the change in management and gut instinct that maybe things could start going better in RPG sphere’s, I want ahead and created a new account. So it’s time to rebuild that network from the ground up. And I guess we’ll see how that goes. And you follow me on Twitter over here.

So now let me talk about the “bad”. I didn’t publish a single thing last year. Nothing. Nada. Nope. I have a long list of projects there I started but never finished. And there’s no one to blame other than myself.

And on the gaming front, that went well too. While I haven’t managed to make the time or locate a good gaming group in meat space, I have had a great running a game virtually with some folks of my pre-pandemic group. Folks moved away when things got crazy but it’s good to get back in touch.

2023: Best Laid Plans

So what’s up for 2023? Lots. Hopefully not too much.

The blog is going to keep on going the way it is. My Patreon is still going to be available if you want to support the blog in a small way. I set up as sort of revolving tip jar. If enough folks demand it then I might do more but for next year I’m going to focus on building the the Locals community. I have more options than with Patreon and it’s free join in for community members. I haven’t put stuff behind the paywall yet but I might starting the really juicy bits there eventually.

Maybe return to doing some videos. Part of me hates doing it but part of me enjoys it. Of course, I’m still debating on platform. Sure, Youtube is the most popular but I’ll have a heck of hill climb with algorithms and an ever shifting content moderation and pretty much very little chance of making some beer and pizza money. Maybe Rumble. They do own Locals now so there’s some easy integration. Monetization is easier but from what I can tell there ain’t a bit of RPG content over there. But then I might do both. I dunno.

I really need to get off my ass and get some of those gaming projects done and on the street. And part of getting stuff, I still to do over to Big Geek Emporium and get started with some over there.

And finally, it’s a New Year and that means I’m starting a new campaign shortly. It’s going to be a wild ride for my players. Mash up of Hammer Horror/Warhammer Fantasy with some good old other weirdness thrown in. I’ll be kitbashing the Deathbringer rules and ICRPG. And there’s a good chance that I’ll actually get to play too. But that’s a 5E game but at least no DMing. And I have a real urge to start messing around with Lamentations of the Flame Princess again.

And with all that. Let’s get the ball rolling on this New Year.

People Skills Vs Social Skills

Ok, yeah. I know. This topic has been probably beaten to death. But I feel like taking another swing at it and throwing a couple of ideas out into the ether. Generally, when you start talking about social skills in RPG’ there are two camps. One, you must role play it out. And the other, just roll.

I’m a weirdo. I sort of fall some where in the middle. I want the player to role play it out and well say the things that the character is saying. If it’s creative enough or right no the spot then there isn’t a need to roll or they get a bonus. And sure there are times when they roll but it’s not just “I roll Persuasion.” They still have to do something. Yes, player skill. The roll and the character skill come in for those things that are hard to simulate at the table. Whether it be body language, intonation, timing, or possibly even eye contact.

And let’s face it. Gamers have reputation of not having the best people skills. Heck, you can see in that most online RPG Groups. But what about that low Charisma player with a high Charisma character. Well, those same ideas above still apply. Sure the way the player says it, it sounds don’t right creepy but the character may be a smooth talker. I view it as way to strike that happy medium between player skills and abilities and character skills and abilities.

This isn’t a super crunchy rules because it can basically work with any game system. But a down side may be what if the GM is totally lacking in people skills? Yeah, there’s a chance for that too. But if the GM lacks those skills then chances are the gaming group is going to have bigger problems than how to run social encounters.

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And take the time to check out the video. A pretty fun song.

Thinking About Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

There’s a lot of stuff that bounces around inside my head and this one has finally made its way to the surface. I know I haven’t really talked about Warhammer in the past. And I’m by no means an expert. I did play 1st Edition way back in the day so I’m totally ignorant on the basic rules. So let’s get this rant started.

I’ve ranted about Warlock before. You know the stripped down, ultra light take on Warhammer FRP. It’s a cool game. But there are points where I feel it’s a little too lite. And you can’t mention Warhammer without mentioning Zweihander. Yes, I have the PDF. Yes, I’ve read it. The politest thing I can say that if publisher acts like a total jerk online, well, I ain’t got time for that stuff. And I know jerk is a relative term. But let’s get on with the game stuff.

What I really want to focus on the tone. You know you’re character starts off as rat catcher or beggar and works their up the food chain (hopefully.) Dungeon Crawl Classics does have the 0-level funnel but after one adventure or so, the character goes from gong farmer to wizard or whatever. I know YMMV. I’m just looking at the emergent story of a character improving over a longer period of time. Really, zero to hero stuff. You kind of have that with most old school games but you still start off as a fighter or a paladin or a ranger. The Sword of Cepheus does a pretty job with the Traveler style character generation but you still have a bunch of the growth before the game even starts.

I know what you’re saying. Why don’t I just play Warhammer? Well, to be honest, it is a bit clunky especially with the way progression works. There’s just too many primary attributes. And my current gaming group is full of new comers and a lot of that game will probably confuse them even more.

So does all this lead me? Well, I’ve been bouncing around a lot of ideas for cool projects to get out the door next year. I know I didn’t really do crap this year. There’s no reason the right set of old-school rules can’t be hacked to make something that fall into these weird thoughts in my head. Take a gaggle of mere mortal characters and throw the world at them. Yes, another project. Maybe another heartbreaker. But we shall see.

Thanks for stopping by.

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White Box Wednesday: Now What?

It’s another White Box Wednesday and I’m surprised that I’ve managed to keep this going this long. But I’m thinking just how long can I keep this going? And what should I do in the future?

Photo by Pixabay on

I know that’s it not the popular with all the cool kids. I don’t care. I still love it and enjoy it. There’s not a lot of stuff that’s being made specifically for White Box games either. We know that Barrel Rider Games does have something coming up soon and I know I’ve got some money in my grubby little hands just waiting. And want everyone out there to make stuff and have fun.

So that’s what I’m going to start doing here if there isn’t anything else that grabs my fancy. I don’t what you would call it. Maybe a campaign or hexcrawl or maybe supplement. I don’t know. I’d say probably these post will end up being a bit like a zine. And then when a sufficient quantity of material comes together, it’ll get thrown into some sort of handy format.

It’s going to be interesting. I’ve got all sorts of projects going on and coming up. So if anything, wish me luck. And thanks for stopping by.

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