Cepheus Light: Upgraded Thoughts

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Stellagama Publishing is offering up Cepheus Light: Upgraded as a free PDF on DrivethruRPG.

So where does this take my little mind? Well, Cepheus Light is a lighter version of the full Cepheus Engine rules but not any where near as light as Cepheus Quantum games like Barbaric! So why not start with something like Barbaric! and tack on more of the details skills and some other the other mechanics from Cepheus Light plus more tidbits from Sword of Cepheus. I will say this the Quantum games offer much less complex monster stat blocks and thus makes the referee’s life much easier.

And yes. I know Cepheus at its heart is a SciFi RPG and I keep ranting about Barbaric! and Sword of Cepheus. SciFi is sort of my GM blind spot. For some odd reason, I’m just not good at it.

I’m still gaming via VTT’s so anything that is more rules light with quick character generation is the sort of thing that I’m looking for right now. I’m still brainstorming this whole idea which is why I’m posting. I’m sure folks have an opinion out there.

First, Quantum games don’t really have Attribute scores for the characters. This is handled via Skills and Traits. So add Attribute score. Now, working via a VTT (and with gamers who have never played a Cepheus (or it’s progenitors) normal character generation would (IHMO) really bog down. Quantum games just give a pool of Skill points to distribute. Much quicker but there’s a very limited number of skills. So my initial thought is to run with a template approach for skills. Pick this career and boom there you go then use discretionary Skill points for additional terms in a career. I’d limit to only three terms and have something for changing career paths. And just do one big Events Table for anything interesting that could happen.

This is just the kernel of an idea that’s bouncing around inside my head. I don’t how far I’d run with it or maybe change up the whole thing. Just throwing it out there.

More El Cheapo Dollar Tree Finds

I managed to make another trip to the local Dollar Tree this weekend. Not much new but I did find these little wooden blocks.

As I mentioned before, I like wood as my go to material for DIY gaming projects. It hits that sweet spot of price, availability, weight, and durability plus it really doesn’t any really specialized tools to work with.

These blocks marry up well with mini Jenga sets also available at most dollar stores. So here’s a pci with some of those sections as well as some minis for scale.

Just like that pile of mini’s that I have. I guess I need to take some time to do some painting.

The Cthulhu GM’s Nefarious Tentacle

I have no qualms about reviewing an “old” product from DrivethruRPG. Sometimes you can little known gems that never got that much coverage and so here we are with The Cthulhu GM’s Nefarious Tentacle. It’s from 2015 but, heck, it’s also only $2.

So what’s The Cthulhu GM’s Nefarious Tentacle? It’s a short, 17 page, PDF with 25 Random Tables. Sure there’s a few pages taken up licensing, legal stuff, and the good old “also available” ad. First, the whole thing is system neutral. There aren’t any game mechanics here at all. So I’ve no idea why they added the OGL. It’s a plain and pretty simple PDF. Nothing flashy but to the point. I mean the actual words are what you would be using any way.

This is mostly geared to folks who are running a Call of Cthulhu game set anywhere from the the late 19th Century to Modern Day. Sure I have been thinking a lot about CofC recently but that’s not why I picked it up. I’ve also been thinking about weird fantasy too. And in that case, The Cthulhu GM’s Nefarious Tentacle is still useful because many to the tables or the results are also pretty genre neutral as well. And those that do have some sort of modern touch can be easily changed on the fly. Table says “Businessman” change to merchant. Now there are few that just won’t work but that’s still workable depending on the details of your setting.

The random tables use either a d20 or a d12. I’d say for my primary goal to use this for inspirational (or I just need to make up something really quick because the PC’s went off in a weird direction) material for a weird fantasy game and with a little creativity I can do that.

So yeah. I think it was $2 well spent for yet another little tool to add to my DM toolbox.

And you can pick it up over at DrivethruRPG.

Bacon Cheeseburger of Offense Redux

This was a post from my old blog. I dug through my old backups. It’s still relevant today. Without further ado, The Bacon Cheeseburger of Offense.

I like bacon cheeseburgers. I’m not insisting you like bacon cheeseburgers. I’m not going to make you eat a bacon cheeseburger. Just let me enjoy my bacon cheeseburger in peace.

I know this offends some people. There are those who insist that since bacon cheeseburgers are not health foods. No one should be allowed to eat them. Just as one salad doesn’t make thin, one bacon cheeseburger is not going to make you fat. Moderation.
I know the bun excludes anyone who chooses or must be gluten free.
I know I’ve excluded vegetarians and vegans with the cheese and meat.
I know that a bacon cheeseburger violates Hindu, Jewish and Muslim dietary laws. If eaten on Friday, the bacon cheeseburger violates Catholic dietary laws.
With one meal, I have excluded most of the world’s population. This doesn’t make me a bad person. Yes, an overly simplified example but then I’m an overly simple guy.

YARC: Fighter

What a better place to start than with the basic of classes? Let’s face it. Often the Fighter is much maligned as boring. So let’s make it a little more interesting.

At its core, the Fighter class has the best To-Hit Progression and the best HP. The Fighter is proficient with all weapons and armor in most games. I’ve adopted the house rule that any class can use any weapon. You want your Magic-User with d4 HP run into combat with a great sword against that troll. Go right ahead. I do have some limits on armor but more on that later.

I sat back and thought about what exactly being a Fighter means and what’s missing. Combat is chaotic and sometimes winning and surviving may rely on more that just hitting your opponent and your ability to take a pounding. Winning the battle is about tactics and adapting to what’s needed to win. Fighters get better at hitting things but they don’t learn to duck. And lastly, Fighters are extremely dependent on what gear and magic items they have.

Folks who have followed the blog will recognize this from previous posts and rules hacks. But it’s been refined a little.

Fighters have a unique class “skill” called Prowess. If you recall in the prior post on updated skill, class specific skills/special abilities run off an x in d6 mechanic. A Fighter’s Prowess begins at 2 in 6 at 1st Level. Increases to 3 in 6 at 4th Level, And 4 in 6 at 7th Level. Remember I’m putting a Level 10 cap for character progression.

So how does it work? The character takes their action to assess the battlefield and their opponents then decides if they want a bonus to AC, To-Hit, or Damage. Then make that Prowess roll. If successful then the number rolled is the bonus. Fail and you wasted your time. For example, if the character has a 3 in 6 Prowess, decides they want a bonus To-Hit, and rolls a 1 then they get a +1 Bonus. The bonus for the character remains in effect until the character takes another action to reassess the situation or the character is knocked unconscious and must return to the fray.

This is how I’m setting Fighters apart. Something quick and simple. Yes, I know I didn’t post this time the full write up with attack progression and saves. Don’t worry. I’ll do that later. Probably when I get the basic 4 classes done.

Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!

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