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Playing It Wrong: NPC’s

Wow, it’s a multimedia day. And here’s this week’s episode of Playing It Wrong. It’s about NPC’s. Don’t over think it. Let the dice, the story, and the Player Characters determine what’s important. And don’t go into detail that you don’t need to. Plus a short call in from Tim “Gothridge Manor” Shorts. Yippee! The Old School Essentials are in my grubby grognard fingers. And more readings from original D&D. You can subscribe to the podcast on most platforms or just stream it right here.

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Playing It Wrong: The Case for Short Campaigns

This episode is about keeping campaigns short. It avoids GM burn out and keeps things fresh. It lets you play around with different games. It lets other people take their turn in the GM seat. All in all, it’s something I dig. I also have a thing about liking lots of different games and genres. So, there’s the chance to play/run a more varied type of game. And do you have any idea how crazy the Holy Swords was in Original D&D? Wow.
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My copy of Old School Essentials is on the way! Maybe I’ll do an unboxing video too. And I’m gnawing at the bit for the Swords & Wizardry core books Kickstarter.
Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!

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Playing It Wrong: Buried Content

It’s another episode. This time I go totally off the normal beaten track and talk about search engines and social media and that they’re pretty much stacked against the little guy or the “outsider”. Let’s face it. Celebrity and controversy get more traction than content. So to heck with it. Time to do things your way. Enjoy the doing and let the rest of it rot.

You can listen to the episode on Anchor or subscribe via where fine podcasts are found.

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With that I leave you to have fun out there. I’m still playing catch up after a crazy week so there’s some fun blog posts coming up. Thanks again.

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Playing Wrong It With Super Powers

In case you haven’t noticed the blog domain is updated! And yes it’s been a busy weekend but I’ve squeezed in an episode. This week I talk about Super Hero RPG’s and dang it they are tough to run. I talk about some of the problems and the two best games that fight my tastes depending on what kind of campaign I want to run. My two faves right now are Supers Revised Edition and Vigilante City. Plus a review will coming up on the blog for BX Gangbusters by Mark Hunt.
What else? I offer up a little wisdom to new DM’s and rant about the “new” monsters from Supplement 1: Greyhawk.
You can listen to this Episode on or search for Playing It Wrong on your favorite podcast service.
Or heck just stream it right here. I told I was working on the blog too.

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A Little Self Promotion

Time for a little self promotion on the good old blog. I’ve updated the benefits on the Patreon and now I’m sort of updating the goals. I know folks don’t want to part with their hard earned dollars. Heck, I was really resistant backing someone on Patreon for years so I understand. But to get more things going, I’m sweetening the pot. I’m going to move ahead on some goals based on outside goals. So here’s the deal.
You want bonus episodes of the Playing It Wrong Podcast. I’ll start doing a bonus episode if we get 50 Likes on the Facebook Page. Patrons will still get this a week early.
For the Youtube Channel. I’m setting the outside goal pretty high: 100 subscribers. Why? Well, that’s the point that I can get the much lauded custom url. Also, the videos take more effort and time. So I want to put my effort where the audience is. I’ll post videos there as things just pop up but it won’t be on any sort of schedule.
Time to grow the audience and see what happens.
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An Episode About Nothing

This is fun filled episode. I know the title says nothing but it’s got a lot of little bits. See below for links and highlights.
You can listen to the episode here on or subscribe on your favorite service.
Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars Kickstarter.

The Egyptian Situation From Outer Time

And I grabbed up even more dice because you can never have too many dice. Just need a bigger dice bag.

Oh yeah and then there’s Feast of Legends.

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Lankhmar, Tegel Manor and The Blight Oh My!

What a busy week! The mail gods have been good to me. Got a hard copy of The Blight and the Lankhmar Boxed set. Plus the Tegel Manor PDF is out to the backers. I understand that there have been some server issues but that’s all worked out.

You can listen to the long rant, and call ins in this week’s episode.

You can check out the unboxing on Youtube.

Please consider subscribing to the channel. It takes 100 subscribers to get that custom URL and other features that actually makes Youtube more usuable. And it’s a good number to start to show that it’s really worth the time to keep it going. Hit that 100 Subscriber mark then will add doing regular videos to the list.

So I’m doing a little challenge on Facebook too. Like the Facebook Page. Hit 100 Likes and well. It means I just might start doing that bonus Episode of the podcast.

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