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Episode 7: Steve The Paladin & Another Difference in Old-School Games

Let me tell about how much luck that Steve the Paladin had in our last session, and yet another thing that’s different between old and new games. Plus some call-ins and shout outs.
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Big Shout Outs to The Dice Roll Zine Issue No 3 Kickstarter
Thanks to Gothridge Manor and Chgowiz for their call ins.
And I’ve updated the Tiers and Goals on the Patreon. Check it out!

Playing It Wrong: Pet Peeves, Cool Kickstarters & The Dumbest Thing Ever In D&D

It’s Episode 6 and in this episode, I go on a rant about a couple of things. So if you’re publisher on Drivethru. Please categorize your products accordingly. It’s annoying. And here’s another gaming confession. I dislike crafting when the PC’s just sit around and make stuff, and domain play where they spend more time being bureaucrats then adventurers. Also, a long rant about the dumbest thing in Supplement 2: Black Moor.
And some shout outs to some cool Kickstarters.
Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set
Hunters in Death
The Phylactery

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Roll dice, kill monsters, take their stuff, and have fun!

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Episode 5: Kickstarters, The Old West, and Blackmoor

Lots going on this week:
Coming Soon! The Kickstarter for the new Swords & Wizardry Boxed Set from Frog God Games. I’m excited. More news on that when it launches.
A recap of The Blight campaign. Say hello to Steve the Half Orc Paladin who is dumb as rock. And you’ll never guess what the Druid befriended.
I’m back to thinking about old West gaming, thanks to Mark Hunt’s Tall Tales and the podcast Ain’t Slayed Nobody.
And I start reading from Supplement 2: Blackmoor. Hello, Monks and Assassins.
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Playing It Wrong: Ramble Away!

I’m all over the map on this one. New 5e book is set in Critical Role’s world. Meh. And long rant on minimalist games, missing games, and finding something to do. And a little shout out to Steve Cook’s Dice Roll Zine Anchorcast. And this week, I finish up reading Greyhawk: Supplement 1.
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Remember. Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And Have Fun!

Season 4, Episode 3: Welcome to The Blight

My Swords & Wizardry Campaign in The Blight started this week!

Here’s a quick rundown of the player characters. Yes, I did lots of house ruling but that’s how I roll.
Xander: Kenku Thief/Cleric of Sister Shadows
Connor Cyan: Human “Knight” (Fighter)
Frederick: Wererat Druid
Sylas Kane: Aasimar Assassin

Other Things I ranted about:
Check out the Heroes Journey 2E Kickstarter.
Ain’t Slayed Nobdoy: Cthuhlu in the Old West. An actual play podcast.
And a bit of self promotion. Just released Gazebo Gazette Issue No 2

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Episode 2 Season 4: Of Dice and Characters

Lot’s is going on this week. The biggest news is that Issue 2 of Gazebo Gazette is out to Patrons and should be coming out on Drivethru soon. What else? I start my Swords & Wizardry campaign in The Blight this week. And I’ve been having some real bad dice mojo in 5E. It’s time to roll up another character. And possibly the most boring reading of Tomes of Ancient Knowledge.
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Remember. Have Fun. Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. And don’t forget to take their stuff. See how I changed that up?

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Happy New Year: Double Crits, No Sh!ts

Happy New Year! A short little episode to get things rolling along. It’s a new year so that means a new season and more attitude. Not only is it the year of Double Crits. It’s the Shits. Oh just give it a listen.

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