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Krevborna: A Gothic Blood Opera

I followed Jack Shear’s Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque blog for a longtime. Then G+ died and it’s one of the places that I just lost contact with. Now, I’ve got urge for something a little different than “normal” D&D fare (more on that later) and started searching and thus enter Krevborna.

So just what is Krevorna? It’s a system neutral Gothic horror setting. That’s really it at it’s core but it’s well worth it. It pulls ideas from the classics as well as what many would suspect like Solomon Kane, Cpt Kronos, Brotherhood of the Wolf and so on. It’s dark without going all crazy GRIMDARK!!!

This is what I wish more setting books were like. It’s system neutral so there’s need to convert something and you mold whatever using easily. It’s more inspirational to a GM rather than telling every little detail. Each region is only a couple of pages with bullet points (for easy reading and reference), names, adventure ideas, and random encounters. The same goes for various monsters, factions and major NPC’s. Evocative bullet points for the GM to use with whatever rules they may wish. And it gives the GM to option to make setting adjustments as they wish.

I know many of you are probably wondering more about what the setting itself. So I’ll do my best to explain in totally non-academic manner. Throw Hammer and Universal Horror movies into a blender with Penny Dreadful and season with just a touch of Lovecraft for spice; throw in inspiration from Brotherhood of the Wolf, Brothers Grimm, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, and Sleepy Hollow. Then season to taste.

Krevborna is a land where the monarchy has fallen and the Church controls only a few areas. The rest is controlled by who or whatever the local noble is. So characters will face all sorts of nasties who just might have more than their supernatural powers at their disposal.

You can check out Krevbrna over at DrivethruRPG. Or you get some previews over here.

White Box Wednesday: Stinkfoot Camp

I decided to something a little different this week. I’m currently running a highly modified Keep on the Borderlands with a crazy old school Franken game. So I decided to play around a bit with White Bones. A location that I added was the Stinkfoot Camp.

Stinkfoot Camp is a very small settlement. Well actually it’s more of boom town consisting mostly large tents and only a couple of permanent structures; Momma Stinkfoot’s Provisioners and The Lucky Angel. It’s the last bit of civilization before adventurers head into the wilderness.

Momma Stinkfoot runs the camp and the general store/pawn shop. While her prices are usually fair; her interest rates aren’t. She’s not above buying and selling goods of questionable origins.

Momma Stinkfoot (7th Level, Halfling, Thief)

Str: 0; Dex: +1; Con: 0; Int: +1; Wis: 0; Cha: 0 HP: 22 AC: 15

Melee Attack: +2 (Dagger 1d6-1) Sneak Attack: +4 (Dagger: 2d6)

Ranged Attack: +5 (Dagger (Thrown) (1d6-1)

Class Bonus: +4 (Thievery & Skullduggery) Hero Bonus: +2

Of course, Momma Stinkfoot doesn’t do any of the dirty work herself. She leaves that her eldest son:

Babin Stinkfoot (2nd Level, Halfling Fighter)

Str: +1; Dex: 0; Con: 0; Int: -1; Wis: 0; Cha: – HP: 10 AC: 14 (Chain)

Melee Attack: +5 (Sword 2d6+2)

Ranged Attack: +4 (Sling (2d6)

Hero Bonus: +2

Babin is always backed up at least half a dozen of this “boys” who are 1st Level Halfling Thieves. They pick pockets, run the loan sharking, and protection racket in Stinkfoot Camp.

The Lucky Angel is frequented by the tall folk visiting the camp. It’s the only Inn (with beds long enough for humans and elves) plus a gambling house and brothel. It’s ran by Fortuna, a woman with a mysterious past but lots of ambition.

Fortuana (3rd Level, Human, Thief)

Str: -1; Dex: +1; Con: -1; Int: +1; Wis: 0; Cha: +1 HP: 10 AC: 13

Melee Attack: +1 (Dagger 1d6-2 or Rapier 1d6-1 ) Sneak Attack: +2 (Dagger 1d6 or Rapier 1d6+1)

Ranged Attack: +2 (Dagger (Thrown) (1d6-1)

Class Bonus: +2 (Thievery & Skullduggery) Hero Bonus: +1

I know it’s not much detail but then that’s about how a run my games with the barest of details. Just enough to know what’s going on but not so much that I could get bogged down.

Deathbringer: Magic & Monsters. Oh My!

I make it no secret that I’m a fan of the simple Deathbringer rules. They are simple without being too rules lite. They are pretty much compatible with any edition’s adventures. And it’s really easy to hack. One thing that I find is a feature is that there’s no spell list nor any monsters. Why? Well, why add the same old monsters and magic again? Really. Just use the version you want.

There’s tons of books of monsters and spells and since I’m an old-school kind of guy I figure I should dig around a pick a few that are off the beaten path.

Shadowdark/Cursed Scroll Zine: The core book will be released soon but I’ve got my hands on the beta rules, the quick start, and Cursed Scroll. Sure there’s the usual spells but there’s also a few that take a bit of grim dark turn. The spell descriptions are to the point. No extra blah. And it uses zoned combat and a roll-to-cast system. This is what I’m using in my current campaign.

Black Libram of Naratus: While this one is designed for Castles & Crusades, it’s not hard to convert. And yes there is a warning that these aren’t meant for player characters since they are pretty evil but then making a few available could an interesting and corrupting touch.

Realms of Crawling Chaos: You want some Lovecraftian monsters and spells. Well here you go.

Teratic Tome and Lusus Naturae: Both by Rafael Chandler. If you want weird, gory, and completely out there and usual not safe for work and some adults. Then take a look. Really, there’s some crazy, dark stuff in there.

Check out the Dark Arts series by Kai Putz. You get a bit of everything monsters, magic items, and spells. And all dirt cheap.

Yeah, I know I didn’t include probably someone’s favorite. And just maybe right now, I’m getting in the mood for a weird, grim dark type of campaign. But more about that later.

Unpleasant dreams!

Hyperborea, Baby!

I will say it again. Getting those boxes from Kickstarters is like Christmas morning! This time the postman arrived with the 3rd Edition of Hyperborea!

This is a really cool game and I’m really glad that I finally put out the bucks to get a physical copy. The artwork is cool too. I won’t go too much into a rant about the game since I’ve already done that.

I know I’ve got “too many” games sitting on my shelves. Wait. No, I don’t. That’s crazy talk. Just because I don’t run any game as written any more. Yeah, I always tweak something. It doesn’t other games aren’t useful. Hyperborea packs in one the coolest settings I’ve seen in along time. There’s a great selection of spells and a darn right scary bestiary. Plus all the classes give any homebrewer a good starting point for ideas.

Yeah. I’m really glad I picked this up. Now time to plot out some fun crazy stuff for the future.

And in case you missed out, check out North Wind Adventures site. Plus their adventures are just plain top notch.