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Orcs of a Different Color

Yeah, I know I’ve mentioned before that I dislike how dragons are color coded for the players’ convenience and this goes sort of along those same lines but what the heck.
We’re all used to the grayish green orcs whether they be pig-faced or not. And I’ve mentioned briefly on the podcast and here that’s OK to mix things up a bit. So why not do it with orcs?
Grayish/Green: Poisoned weapons or bite, better saves against Poison.
Blue: Filled with static electricity but doesn’t discharge until killed. Have fun looting those bodies.
Red: Have methane bladders in their guts. While explode when killed. It’s even worse if they are killed with fire.
Black: Magic resistance but can be turned by a cleric. Surprise!
White: Attacks and even touch does extra cold damage.
Metallic: High Armor Class.
Stone: Really high Armor Class.
That’s just some and relatively system neutral ideas.

Kobolds: Let Them Be The Terror of The Dungeon

I dunno. Maybe it’s just me that it seems that Kobolds have become almost a joke. At least not as bad, goblins. Thank you, Pathfinder.
If you’ve been around the D&D block for a while, you’ve probably heard of Tucker’s Kobolds. This is one of those things that’s been kicked around, screamed at, and hand wrung over. For the link weary, it boils down to this. Even a low HD monster with intelligence, tactics, traps, and on their home turf can cause major problems for a higher level party. Some call it mean. Some call it unfair. Oh, well. But then in a harsh dungeon environment, how else are these little guys going to survive?
So yeah. Make them cunning trap builders with a knack for guerilla tactics and big streak mean. And that big streak of mean is where I’m heading in the post. Remember way back when and Kobolds were little evil dog-like creatures. Good. Now have you ever had a little dog? We’ve got one. He’s a little 16 pound bundle of “I ain’t taking shit off anybody”. Now I’m not saying he’s not a nice dog. He’s great and friendly. But he ain’t scarred of anything. Yes, I know that’s can be dangerous. That’s why he’s always on a leash. But I digress. Back to Kobolds. They’re little but they don’t care. Sure they’re little but their also supposed to be smart. So they just might have a bit a Napoleon complex when comes to dungeon intruders. A streak of vicious bravery especially if they get cornered. No cowering.
So in summary. Kobolds. Devious trap makers. Guerilla tactics experts. And what ever you do, don’t corner them.

It’s a crazy week. So here’s a crazy monster.

Hey a long weekend but not for me. That still means a crazy week of catch up and work at the day job. So yeah. It’s a crazy week so here’s that crazy monster.
Carrion Slime
Carrion Slime are pink amorphous blobs that reek of rotting flesh and bile. They are not intelligent and view everything as food. Some believe that Carrion Slime were created by a mad sorcerer as means of waste disposal. The slime ate the sorcerer then escaped into the world.
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 2 Pseudopod (1d4)
Saving Throw: 14
Special: Acidic Slime, Immune To Sleep And Charm, Regenerate
Acidic Slime: On a failed Saving Throw, a character struck by a Carrion slime takes an additional 1d6 damage.
Regenerate: A Carrion Slime regenerates 1 HP/Round until dead.
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240

The Mentaur

Yeah, I got a little tongue tied during an episode of the podcast and said Mentaur rather than Mentor. I made the joke that I should do it as a monster and listeners agreed.  So here it is the Mentaur.

The Mentaur
Hit Dice: 6
Armor Class: 6 [13]
Attacks: Head Butt (1d8)/Trample (2d6)
Special: Knows More Than You; Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
Move: 12
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge/XP: 7/600

Mentaurs are powerful, wise, and ancient creatures with the head of a bull, the upper torso and arms of a human, and the body of a horse. For some treasure or a service, they are train and/or advise character’s in any field. The more detailed or advanced the training, the greater the cost for the training, However if crossed, they can be deadly opponents with very long memories.
Knows More Than You: No matter what knowledge or skill a character has, the Mentaur is better.
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: If a character uses any special class ability or casts a spell, the Mentaur will now know how to use that ability or cast that spell (once during the encounter). At the beginning of an encounter, the Mentaur will know 1d3 each random cleric and magic-user spells of 1st to 4th level( 1d4 determined randomly like I said).

There you go. Keep rolling those dice.

The Ethereal Kraken

Yeah, I know once again I’m rant about Jardobah. Well the most recent episode inspired me to make the Ethereal Kraken. This is a really nasty beastie that can screw up a party in more ways the one.
The Ethereal Kraken is an ambush predator. It’s vulnerable bits sit safely in the next dungeon room or even the room above or below the one that the characters are exploring. It can reach its tentacles through the walls, floor, or ceiling to grab at its food. Here’s the stats.

Ethereal Kraken
Hit Dice: Main Body: 7/Each Tentacle 2
Armor Class: Main Body: 4[14]/Each Tentacle: 7[12]
Attacks: Main Body: Crunchy Beak (2d6)/10x Tentacle: (1d6)
Saving Throw: Main Body: 9/Tentacles: 16
Special: See Through Walls, Half Damage From Non-Magical Weapons, Construct (Automatic Damage after successful attack with a tentacle. Saving Throw to escape), Pull Through the Wall (When the Ethereal Kraken has a poor character in its tentacles, the beast may attempt to the character through the wall. The character attempts a Saving Throw. If it fails then the character passes through the wall and is now in the primary lair of the monster. If it is successful then the character doesn’t pass through the wall but the tentacle does. Smashing into the wall causes 1d8 damage but frees the character from the tentacle), Regenerate Tentacles (It can regenerate in a tentacle in 3d6 Turns).
Move: 6
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/XP: 11/1,700 (4/120)

As you can see, encountering an Ethereal Kraken is basically fighting two monsters. Chopping off tentacles doesn’t kill the monster but will make it mad or cause it leave a group alone. The only way to actually kill it, is taking out the “main body”. As a GM, you can see how deadly this thing can be. It can separate a party in the middle of an already dangerous dungeon so it may be worth a few XP than I indicated above.

The Air Hound

Because sometimes the party just ticks off a high level wizard and the GM wants something to chase after them. It’s going to be tough for a bunch of murder hobos to hide from something that can see invisible and is immune to illusions.

A hounds appear as large black hunting dogs with red glowing eyes and bat-like wings. A few powerful wizards have tamed these beasts to act as guards or send out packs of them to hunt down their enemies.
Armor Class: 6[13]
Hit Dice: 5
Attacks: Bite (1d6)
Saving Throw: 11
Move: 12 (Fly 24)
Special: See Invisible, Immune to illusions, Track by scent
Challenge Level/XP: 6/400

Roll Dice. Kill Monsters. Take Their Stuff. And have FUN!

The Keeper of Souls

While some undead consume the souls of the fallen, the Keeper of Souls collects and tortures them. The Keeper of Souls appears as a dark robed figure with with ebony bones and fiendish glowing eyes. They are dangerous and deadly enemies and vanquishing one can be just the beginning of the fight.

Hit Dice: 7
Armor Class: 3[16]
Attacks: 2x Claws (1d8) on a successful hit the target must make a Saving Throw or be drained of 1d4 points of Constitution.
Saving Throw: 9
Special: Undead Traits; Any character killed by a Keeper of Souls cannot be raised by any means; Requires magic weapon to hit; Release The Souls! (See below).
Move: 12
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 10/1,400

Release The Souls: When a Keeper of Souls is “killed”, its hold on its collection of souls is broken and a hoard of mad undead are released. Roll 1d6 and consult below to see what arises:

1- 4d6 Skeletons
2- 1d6 Shadow
3- 1d4 Wraiths
4 1 Specter
5- Roll 1d4 twice on this chart.
6- Roll 1d4 thrice on this chart.

Good adventurers. You’re going to need it.