Turning Undead

Here’s another undead horse that’s been beat to death and back again. But I’ve been thinking about things that have never quite set well with me. And guess what one of those things is?
First I understand the origins of the ability. Really, haven’t you seen any Hammer horror flicks? But what the ability became is kind of annoying. For every other ability it requires preparation. Clerics don’t automatically heal (expect in later editions) or have other nifty tricks. But then turn undead. Yeah, they got that. Plus there’s always this Keystone Cops routine when Undead show up. Everybody runs back and pushed the cleric forward.
Personally, I think one of the best takes on this is from Lamentations of the Flame Princess. It’s pretty simple and works with well with your game of choice. Turning Undead is a First Level Cleric spell. Simple. Of course, there will be some whining but oh well.
Fighter: Why the hell didn’t you pray for Turn Undead!
Cleric: Because I need to keep fucking healing you!
Right now, I’m playing around with all sorts of ideas for a crazy little home brew game and this is the way I think I’ll go. Just want to put that little bit of fear and desperation into the hearts of the player characters. It makes thing more interesting and makes simple zombies and skeletons more of threat.

One thought on “Turning Undead”

  1. When I first started playing, the name didn’t make sense. I wondered why the heck would a priest be able to turn into an undead???


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