House Rules for Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells

I really like doing house rules. So here you go. Once I let these brew in my little brain for a while, I’ll probably do a PDF and put on the Downloads Page.

Initiative: Let’s make it a little more random. Roll your HD for Initiative. Since all monsters have D8 HD, the Powerful Enemy rule would apply to the monster’s roll based on the average party level. (I think I shared this one before).

Medium Rests: Healing is pretty tough in the game. Normally, you don’t heal til you get back to “town” and there’s no clerics to play healbot. (and I think someone in the G+ Community already suggested this or something similar.) Get a night’s rest. Make a PHY Test. If successful, heal a HD.

Recovering Luck: Instead of resetting at the end of an adventure. Recover one die step after a night of carousing! That should makes things a little more interesting and keep the characters broke, drunk, and in trouble. I’m considering expending this to include a way to recover a little bit of Sanity too. But that’s going to take a little rules tweaking.

Yes, a very short post. But hey, I use this thing to throw out those crazy ideas. Once I wrap my current Dungeon Crawl Classics game, it’s for some Sharp Swords action, so I’ll probably post a lot more stuff when that ball start rolling.

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