Yes, I know I’ve been silent for a bit. It’s that post GenCon thing. You see I take that time to sit back and do a little mental house cleaning, goal setting, and planning for the next year. So yep and things are back to their normal and crazy posts are going out again. And to get the ball rolling, let’s start off with a a new social media network for gamers,
So yes. It’s a bare bones set up but it’s just starting out. It’s not some big corporation or anything like that. It’s normal folks getting together and trying to make something cool. Now, I know that some where out there in Internet-land, there’s some pearl clutcher trembling and whining about it. It doesn’t matter. Check it out for yourself. Who knows maybe you might find a new friend or two in the gaming community.
Like I said right now, it’s very bare bones but if it grows and garners support (right now there is Patreon), I’m sure that more bells and whistles will come about.
Like I said, go check it out for yourself at and join in the conversation.
And yes I’m there.

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