YARC: Assassins and Thieves

I’m still working on the extra stuff for Magic_Users. So I’m moving ahead on classes. This time up Assassins and Thieves. Let’s face it. These classes are joined at the hip and in many cases quite similar. And, of course, the Thief was part of my inspiration for making a whole skill system. And for those super fans out there, they’ll might remember an old episode of Playing It Wrong where I talked about Job Vs. Class. Assassin is prime example. Any character can take money to off somebody. But there’s got to be something special about an Assassin (vs. assassin). So here you go.

Base Attack Bonuses and Saving Throws: No change from Swords & Wizardry
HD: d6 (Yes, for both the Assassin and Thief. I like my Thieves a little tougher than the d4 HD of the old games.)

Class Abilities (Thief):
Backstab: No change from Swords & Wizardry.
Skills: +2 to three of the following: Athletics, Banter, Skullduggery, Stealth, Tinker. +1 to any two other skills.
Saving Throws: +2 versus Traps and other devices.

Class Abilities (Assassin):
Backstab: No change from Swords & Wizardry.
Poison: +2 to Skill Checks that involve Poisons.
Know Where To Hit Them: An Assassin may apply their Intelligence modifier to damage rolls.
Skills: +1 to 3 of the following Allure, Athletics, Banter, Instinct, Skullduggery, Stealth, Tinker
Saving Throws: +2 vs Poison

Hey but what about Thief Skills and armor? Yep, anything heavier than Leather provides a -4 penalty to Athletics and Stealth. Other modifiers based on the GM’s discretion and the situation.

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